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    Do you prefer Wod or Legion Hunter overall?

    Overall I don't like any changes. BM is only about pets and removes all the shooting, MM is only about shooting and removes pets, survival is horrible in every way in my opinion. What do you think?

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    In all honesty, I preferred WoD for some reason as a whole. Don't stone me, I can't put my finger on it but I just seem to have had more fun.

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    For a lot of reasons, I don't like the various changes they've made to hunter in Legion.

    1.) I've never been interested in the 'tech' aspect of hunters, and I feel like they've really doubled down on it for Legion. My hunter feels less connected to the wild than it used to. We're not warriors or rogues, who have to rely solely on their physical abilities and physical objects- poison, weaponry, gadgets- to fight. Those classes would have fit the theme of self-made bombs and adapted Titan tech far better than hunters. We should be about adapting the natural world for our combat needs- Who the fuck 'hunts' with a sticky bomb, caltrops, explosives, grenades? How are those things connected in any way to the natural world?

    2.) Beast Mastery's focus on a large number of beasts that the hunter did not choose has increased, while I've always felt like the spec was about bonding strongly with a single, or a few, chosen companions, and fighting using the powerful bond between hunter and pet- not summoning random beasts from the wild, and having a specific beast forced upon us that is not one of out longterm companions. I really liked the give-and-take of Focus Fire, where power cycled between hunter and pet and they both empowered the other.

    3.) I've never wanted a melee specialization for hunter. If I wanted to play a melee DPS, I would be playing a class that could tank or heal instead of sacrificing flexibility for a number of ranged DPS options.

    4.) I've always valued the ability to contribute to my raid group with utility. I've keenly felt the loss of, at the very least, Tranq Shot. At least they brought traps back, but I was not happy with their removal.
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    Neither, MOP one

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    WoD soo much more.

    MM Hunter - Chimera Shot, Aimed shot on the move (right? or what is a tier set I forgot) Steady shot, KILL SHOT!
    BM Hunter - Focus Fire!!! Kill Shot!!!!
    Survival Hunter - RANGED!

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    i guess WoD but MoP was the real best

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    Anything pre-legion.

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    Cata Hunter was the best by far

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    this thread is pointless, MM wod with 4 set = every shot is instant entire rotation on the move.

    legion = MM actually has to stand still

    well i wonder which is move fun....

    might as well say WoD elemental or MoP elemental, hmmm so every ability is better or do you prefer being nerfed about 47 times over a.k.a. WoD?

    well i mean i guess ppl might say legion as they might not play MM, but if they didn't play MM in WoD they might as well be playing a feral druid like a hunter because thats how wrong it was to play BM/surv in WoD,
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    WotLK Hunter. Every spec seemed to have a raid they excelled at. Had interaction with abilities and abilities made sense given the situation. Awesome talent tree (personal opinion), and even though it was cookie cutter, we have that now, just slight variation of what cookie cutter build you use based on leggos.
    Even though many hated using mana, the usage of it felt different between specs, and the use of viper sting was interesting (as well as a mana drain for PVP).
    Specs felt interchangeable, but again, that can be a good thing as swapping 1 spec to another didn't mean a huge learning curve and played much the same way between CD's, as well as having roughly the same buttons and a priority usage. Even though they played so similar, they really felt different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eapoe View Post
    Even though they played so similar, they really felt different.
    I just had to swap 2 skills from my bar every time I swapped spec, for me they all felt the same. It was just funny to get 100% crit on explosiv during ICC tho

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    I think most people feel like overal hunter has become worse going from MoP to WoD (although WoD had it's strong points) to Legion.

    I mostly agree in that I think MoP survival and WoD (mainly HFC) MM hunter are more fun than I'm probably having now.
    But I also think that they improved on a few very important aspects, which makes me hope that they can combine some of the great features in past expansions with some good elements from this expansion.

    A lot of people hate on how they so fundamentally changed some of the specs. But frankly I think it was a something that HAD to be done, perhaps they could have spend a bit more time on hunters to make it better though. A lot more classes, most notably the pure dps classes, got a similar approaches where they changed specs to have a bit more distinct flavor. Rogues have had a big shift with combat to outlaw and subtlety had some big gameplay changes too.

    So even though I enjoyed playing particular specs more in MoP and WoD. I think the diversity that now exists within this one class has promise. As long as they improve upon it.

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    I think MM is currently in a very good spot gameplay wise,

    I don't like SV and BM so much.

    So MM Legion > MM WoD
    but WoD SV/BM > Legion SV/BM

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    I do enjoy Legion's MM, just not T20 mm, as it relies far too much on just Aimed Shots. Nighthold's meme build was very, very fun, and I really hope T21 lets us play something similar in that regard.

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    MoP survival.

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    If it were up to me, I'd replace the entire current hunter build with something from.. tbc? wotlk? mop? wod even? I honestly don't care, as every single one of them is more enjoyable than what we have now. I've completely abandoned my hunter. It makes me quite sad, as I normally love the ranger archetypes, and WoW added a very nice touch to it with the pet system.
    But now the biggest part,
    is all about the image
    and not the art

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    Played Marksman in WoD. MM with Hellfire Citadel 4 set was the best hunter I've ever played.

    Marksman without any raid tier bonus is better in Legion but I'm dissapointed that they didn't make aimed shot instant cast.

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    HFC MM>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>MoP Surv>>>>>>any iteration of BM
    any other answer is wrong

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    Survival in Legion is awesome!

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