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    Quote Originally Posted by adamzz View Post
    You are using XD in your arguments, no one takes you seriously.
    Basically this, whenever I see "XD" it makes me shiver (me timbers).

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    I actually thought it was because even trying to play outlaw made you want to go out to sea and sail away from the spec...
    But yeah, most of the spells are pirate-themed even though they failed miserably on the delivery and we got some goofey dude rolling his bones all day

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    Quote Originally Posted by AldoChat View Post
    These aren't 'piratey' exclusive and Parley is a talent choice, as cannonball barrage, so... killing spree is '!pirate themed? well, i can see a pirate from one piece doing something like that, and how 'rolling bones/dices' are a pirate thing?

    Even Bribe isn't a pirate thing, anyone can fool fools with fake gold...
    Those things are not exclusively "pirate" indeed, nothing is, but as a whole they definitely put outlaw into the pirate lore.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Enkrypt View Post
    Aren't those all synonyms with... Pirate?

    Edit: I've no clue what a "path assaulter" is.
    I think he means Highwayman.

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    It's obviously a pirate just looking at his kit. Name abilities give another clue, and the visual animations for most of the abilities (pistol shot, roll the bones, etc) just finalize it all.

    It's a pirate dude.

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    ROFL, you think its not ment to be pirate themed???

    The spec has more piratey stuff in it than Johnny Depp with a wooden leg and eye patch sliding down a main sail with his knife whilst drinking rum and shooting parrot shaped cannonballs out of his ass!!!!

    You could easily be forgiven for thinking Xibit was one of the devs responsible for when Ion said i think it should be pirate themed "say no more fam"!

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    Pirate is a theme of outlaw but outlaw does not strictly mean "pirate". If it were meant that way, they would just call the spec "Pirate".

    And the skill also don't mean strictly pirate, but outlaw. As long as we don't have cannon barrage and parrrrrley as baseline as well as a parrot as pet, I wouldn't consider it as strictly pirate lol.

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