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    When is the last time you touched The Division?

    So last year everyone was abuzz about the 'Destiny Killer' from Ubisoft riding the Tom Clancy name. The Division. The E3 bullshot suggested a quasi mmo third person looter shooter in a mid pandemic dystopian new york with mild cyberpunk/futuretech elements. What came out was a 'after almost everyones dead' typical 'ubishit' map filling busywork game suffering from Destiny's bad loot and bullet sponge issues of the time. That and no actual ending.

    Most of us beat the story. Saw The Dark Zone was a real novel idea ruined by premade camping groups keeping zones on lockdown and for most the game was abandoned. It went on to add raids. A dedicated pvp deathmatch and pve survival minigame modes as well as a randomly generated underground activity in the season pass. To date i've not heard of anyone who stuck through all of this. Eventually it began to die off to nobodies real surprise.

    A while back they began to pull a 'reaper of souls' and try to save what pre For Honour was Ubisofts fastest dying online game in its history. Adding tiers ala Diablo 3. Reducing the time to kill across the board and adding more random events in the world so it didnt become a ghosttown outside the DZ after clearing the missions across the map. The situation didn't improve and the last big articles about the game -beyond some talking about the somewhat unintentionally sinister idea of the organisation you play as and the moral implications of it- were about a promise of a 'year 2' of free content updates and balances. Ubisoft claimed they weren't giving up on the game yet and still wanting it to be their Destiny alternative.

    But now we here just over 18 months from its launch though it feels much longer and after getting a bit bored of Destiny 2 i decided to load it up to find a small number of people still playing but its clearly on its way out after the userbase gave up on it. Though at least a few still are into it.

    What about you? when did you actually stop playing? I think the intro to the first raid was it for me and after that i had so many issues trying to install the underground and survival expansions they never worked so i left it on my ps4 external HDD to gather dust till now.

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    Whenever the last big update was, I don't recall when it came out... Went back for a little while every new update, but didn't stay very long. Other than the underground DLC, nothing they added really benefited solo players. All of the incursions were for groups, pvp stuff is for groups, the high end intel missions are for groups, heroic difficult was for groups, etc. Got boring doing the same instances over and over since I couldn't do any of the new stuff, I hate grouping with randoms and none of my friends played the game.

    Definitely going to try the new update whenever it comes out though, the new horde mode is supposed to work for solo and groups.

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    Stopped playing after its first DLC, Did check out its survival mode once.

    It now sit on my shelve and sadly doesn't train in for anything. I have no interest in ever returning to it.
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    I've actually yet to play the division

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    Stopped playing after finishing the release content, came back a few months ago to see what the added content was like. Enjoyed it but didn't stay for long. It was a real shame getting to the end and realising there wasn't really anything else left, would honestly rate the feel of playing/controls & atmosphere one of the best experiences I've had in decades of gaming (not the overall game itself, just the feel of it), kinda hoped they reused the engine for something more.. well, just more.

    They're making a movie to be released next year, not sure if it will follow the storyline of the campaign (or what counts for a storyline) or simply take place in the same setting.. would hope for the latter.
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    From the last Assault Event, so last month and I'll play at 1.8 if Destiny 2 is too boring.

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    Maybe a month or 6 weeks after it came out. When it came to light all weapon stats were in plain text on the client, and thats why there were so many cheaters. UI was clunky and hard to organize gear. And how the core teamplay to the game didn't work, instead everyone went glass cannon. Final straw for me was hearing about the rebalance basically throwing the entire teamplay idea out the window and making everyone Rambo instead.

    I was really looking forward to the group mechanics, because they were slightly different from the standard MMO concept: You had your "tank" with the tactical shield lead people in and put down suppressing fire, while assaults would flank and support would help amp damage and heal, etc. Unfortunately they never explained that very well to the average player, so they just went glass cannon all the time.

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    the division is a game where you come back and play for a while when a new update comes and then stop until the next patch, 1.8 patch should bring a little more played time with gathering new classified sets and upgrading things but after a while it will gather dust again like many other games, sinilar to destiny diablo and such others.
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    A year? Even more I guess, some weeks before the first DLC came. I will probably try it again when we can get the season pass for free or a small amount of money.

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    So i've made a clean start to get a full impression of the game in 2017 and man is it odd. At the base its the same good looking third person shooter with rpg elements. But its like a bizarre world version of the original. Sticky bombs now have a timer and enemies just rip them off and throw them away while shields scale with hp so whats good and whats bad is almost 100% 180'd across the board. With even more stark changes coming in the next patch.
    Dark Zone in particular. Going rogue is effectively gone. Friendly fire doesnt exist. You just click the right thumbstick in and go rogue. thats it. People are screaming this makes it too hard to camp as rogue parties which says enough about the state of the DZ still being as bad as anything but in future it seems more like the original idea where its a conscious betrayal moment and not 'this guy intentionally ran into my grenade to flag me so his buddies can nuke me from behind' stuff.

    Its odd to see how its the same but also very different. I want to get a new character up to go through all the content but its tough to go through all the now dead leveling content solo without imagining burn out setting in but the state now looks interesting i'll give it that.

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    Never, I can't stand the peseudo mmo looter shooter crap. The devision was one I was especially not interested in though, the whole premise was fucked from the beginning with the way armor was portraied and the endgame being a pvp grind zone.
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    Not too long after it was released. I remember me and a couple of friends going to get it excited to play it. We played it for a while, maybe about a month or two, beat the story mode played in multiplayer for a while but then the grindyness and the lack of content caught up to us and eventually just quit. Enemies being complete bullet sponges didn't help either, that shit was annoying.

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