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    letz talk about...toys

    r toys the new mounts?
    63 toys vs 105 mounts since Legion release (iirc). (i didnt account for pets, but there r more pets than mounts anyway. ca 1600 iirc)
    toys always have been a nice representation not just of dedication (hate petbattles, <3 Narcissas Mirror), but also of aesthetic differentiation (aka "Taste", Spotlight+ Worldshrinker+Tournier Souvenier ftw) and sometimes just necessary (Train Wrecker), questing until Legion Pathfinder II (flying) without Gravity Well + Emerald Wings + Glider must have been SM?
    but the release ratio of toys in relation to mounts declined since 7.1, there were much more mounts released than toys.

    do we need more toys?
    since collection is an integral part of MMO-Achievement/PRogression System - def yes. 300 toy reward is fine, but well, my toons like to play.

    what toys?
    i would love something customizable, more personal, maybe close to unique to enhance my toons appearance to catwalk. maybe a mirror texture for my (customized) Holy Warrior outfit? at least something class/spec related (like tiny warglaives) with sex-appeal, cuz Iam Sexy And I Know It (thats y i wear those sunglasses).

    transitional solution: account some storage-slot-waster (like Sonic Environment Enhancer) toy status, revive some legacy toys etc.

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    only thing about toys is all the costume ones should be at least 15min duration, this 5min 30+ min cd crap is annoying

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    I love Toys... get more entertainment out of them compared to mounts that do nothing beyond travelling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stormspellz View Post
    only thing about toys is all the costume ones should be at least 15min duration, this 5min 30+ min cd crap is annoying
    Completely agree, Storm. I think the CD should match the duration for Costume-type Toys.. No more 5 minutes, either. At least 15-30+ for those Toys. I can't understand Blizzards seeming hatred for having a Costume on most/all of the time. x_x

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    My idea was that the real value of pet battles and pet collecting was the transforms you get with the magic pet mirror. In that vein, i thought it woulld add value to the pet battle system to offer upgrades to the mirror for levels of achievement in pet battles. Upgrades could include increased duration, decreased cooldown, the ability for transforms to work in battle, increase your size while transformed, etc.

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    I love collecting the toys, and mounts. Want more of them all!
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    Toys are us and us like it..

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    I'd like it if toys had lower CDs in general, and longer buffs - especially on the disguise ones.
    I like combining disguises for unique visuals sometimes, but if I'm honest I usually use the disguises as a poor man's temp race change.

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    I like the toys. The toys like me. More toys, please.
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    The problem with toys is the long cooldown on some of them.

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