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    Wow Data consumption issue

    I am on holiday with a mate and brought a small form factor PC, I know wow is known to consume small amounts of data like 10mb an hour, but on my windows 10 data usage it has consumed 3gb of data within roughly 5 minutes (The 4g connection here is megabits/s). Originally I thought it was the agent.exe but disabled all of that then used 3g mobile data to check but data was still consumed at an alarming rate and then i realised that wow at consumed 3gb in total on my computers usage details. I don't physically know how its consuming that much from wow. For further details this was the first time wow was even used on the computer as I recently did a full pc reset so I know it has to be wow. I don't know what it is and wondering if anyone would know how to resolve this issue?

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    Sounds like it's downloading an update.

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    This is not just playing WoW, I think you are somehow downloading something in the background as well. Back when I only had the option of gaming through my phone as a mobile hotspot, WoW used at most 60MB per day/about 10h played

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    That's what I thought but there was nothing updating on bnet and i've set it to not update anything automatically. i've attached an image(sorry for shit quality was taken on front camera of a laptop). Bnet agent would have been from the download I did when I was at home. As wow is 42.6 so that makes sense. I've uninstalled nvidia geforce experience which leaves Wow as the only culprit. My data usage is fine on the laptop but just on the computer something isn't right.

    I can't post links, but i put an image on imgur with the last part of the url is /wGeDukx

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