Judgement has been a raid guild since late vanilla.

We have cleared all prior content at a semi casual pace.

We are currently raiding heroic on a shortened weekend schedule designed to suit working adults with real life, family, and jobs.

Raids are saturday and sunday 7PM to 10PM EST.

We are a mix of former top U.S. raiders down to base beginners.

What we do bring to the table is a history of steady game play through every expac.

Ask yourself, would you rather log of in the knowledge that your guild will be there when you log on the next day or are you happy trying to find a new one every expantion?

We do have standards and they revolve around maintaning your performance to at least the 50th percentile compared to your class/ilvl group.

Not to hard to obtain.

You can IM me here or Btag me at inj#1944 if you would like to discuss.

Great raiding you you!