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    Quote Originally Posted by Morgaith View Post
    ??? it's not free is it?

    The base game is with restrictions. Expansions are B2P and unlock the minor restrictions on a free account.

    To avoid going down this rabbit hole again. The game is limited F2P. What is locked behind the expansions are Elite Specs, Masteries, Mounts, New zones, story content, raids and much more.

    Now if the expansions were F2P I'd say yes this is the best free MMO on the market.
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    I've only been trying this out for a few days now but I have to say that GW2 has its advantages and a lot of disadvantages for the F2P player. Yes you can get to level cap without having to buy the game but you're restricted to the things you can do/buy in game. I've looked on the trading post several times and saw that there were some common items I couldn't even buy. Lots and lots of consumables you can't buy/use too. Then there's the whole specialization and mastery you can't even use unless you buy an expansion. So far the story has been good but its annoying as hell walking everywhere.

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    Played it for a few months but it just simply doesn't stand a chance against WoW. WoW is just so much more fun and beautiful.

    It's a good game on its own though, no bad feelings.
    Quote Originally Posted by Citamorf
    To THINK that they'd release FOUR of the SIX new Allied Races to play BEFORE the Expansions release is FOOLISH to think
    Quote Originally Posted by Arikan View Post
    Facts I've been told: Horde will never have paladins/Alliance will never have shaman, goblins/worgen/pandaren will never be playable races, demon hunters will never be a playable class, Blizzard will never sell in-game items for real world money, Blizzard will never have classic servers, the max level cap can't go past 100.

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    Yes, yes it is.

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