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View Poll Results: Is GW2 the best free MMO in the MMO Market?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morgaith View Post
    ??? it's not free is it?

    The base game is with restrictions. Expansions are B2P and unlock the minor restrictions on a free account.

    To avoid going down this rabbit hole again. The game is limited F2P. What is locked behind the expansions are Elite Specs, Masteries, Mounts, New zones, story content, raids and much more.

    Now if the expansions were F2P I'd say yes this is the best free MMO on the market.
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    I've only been trying this out for a few days now but I have to say that GW2 has its advantages and a lot of disadvantages for the F2P player. Yes you can get to level cap without having to buy the game but you're restricted to the things you can do/buy in game. I've looked on the trading post several times and saw that there were some common items I couldn't even buy. Lots and lots of consumables you can't buy/use too. Then there's the whole specialization and mastery you can't even use unless you buy an expansion. So far the story has been good but its annoying as hell walking everywhere.

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    Played it for a few months but it just simply doesn't stand a chance against WoW. WoW is just so much more fun and beautiful.

    It's a good game on its own though, no bad feelings.
    Quote Originally Posted by Citamorf
    To THINK that they'd release FOUR of the SIX new Allied Races to play BEFORE the Expansions release is FOOLISH to think
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    Facts I've been told: Horde will never have paladins/Alliance will never have shaman, goblins/worgen/pandaren will never be playable races, demon hunters will never be a playable class, Blizzard will never sell in-game items for real world money, Blizzard will never have classic servers, the max level cap can't go past 100.

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    Yes, yes it is.

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    I don't remember how I voted, but I guess it was yes However, it is not THE best, it has some issues in wvwvw due to not being well optimized. Atm I play Black desert and it is a bit better in terms of pvp (there is world pvp ) and the sandboxy style with the market and afk training skills.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lotus Victoria View Post
    I made this thread because I want to know the opinions of others. I like the game, you dislike it, that's it.
    You made reasonable well worded post, don't pay attention to this guys.

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    I love the world of Guild Wars 2 (Guild Wars >>>>>>) and I've tried at least 3 times to play GW2 but I can't stand the gameplay : so I'd rather prefer an other MMO with the good ol' trinity system and building skills that we are used to (pick & choose).

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    For what is available for free, maybe. All of the relevant content is behind a paywall but AFAIK there is enough to do with the free portion to even get the original legendary weapons.

    The best part of GW2 IMO is looks and combat. It uses and amazing blend of tab targeting, skill shots and physics based collision. You can swing your sword endlessly and if it "hits" an enemy, it will deal damage. Lastly it has the best PvP system that I've seen in any MMO, scaled and customizable.

    Outside of that, everything about the game just bored me to tears. Terrible story, messy dungeons due to lack of trinity, and seeing every major content boss or WvW encounter being pure zerg.
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    It really isn't free... However I do think GW2 has the best payment model of all MMOs.
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    It's pretty good, but it's no RS07
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    I would say "Maybe".
    Depends on what one wants. I would say that qualitatively, it comes out about as good as Star Trek Online or Elder Scrolls Online (both of which allow free gameplay without expansions; not sure if Star Trek Online actually has any, though). They do some things better, some things worse (I mean, I really like how Elder Scrolls Online does player housing, for example). Event system, however, is by far the best in GW2, hands down.
    So, subjectively, I would put it in the 1-3 slot for me, when it comes to "at least mostly free" games that are not requiring any pay to play to massive extent (looking at you "free" builder games) and that I have tried.

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    I absolutely love GW2 artstyle, or at least the concept arts, login screens and cutscenes. Combat and class design also seemed very fun. But then it felt to me like there are no incentives for actually playing the game, no clear lines of progression and not enough content to continue playing after getting past the main story. It has fallen flat for me after just a few weeks of playing, grinding world events gets boring quickly. Maybe I was missing something.
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    When you play the game of MMOs, you win or you go f2p.

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    Well I just tried coming back today
    Horrible lag, don't know if the servers were bad or what but no other game was having issues and yet abilities would delay upwards of 15 seconds
    my character feels hopelessly behind to Path of Fire content and can't take on 15 mobs in the first quest

    maybe I would have more luck with the boosted character :/
    A feeling of don't repeat the past is coming up here. On one hand don't think this will be the best expansion like the majority of us did with WoD. On the other, don't just dismiss it because the initial theme is off putting.

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