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    Not being a dick is political correctness.

    Ok .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Battlebeard View Post
    This attitude is so wrong!

    The issue is the REASON for the toxicity.

    If a player troll or grief or are just insanely, inhumanly bad, can you really blame people who take the game serious for being pissed at them?

    Yes, people can overreact but it is human nature to get upset when people destroy for you, just like it's human nature to defend yourself if you are attacked. I find MOST of the toxicity justified. However, restorting to sexism, racism etc is a bit uncalled for.

    The problem with the system is that it is automated and can't tell a difference of the degree of the "offence".

    Saying "Go kill yourself you f*ing *racial slur*" should defenitly be punished.

    But saying "F* you, you f*ing troll, you are ruining our game you f*ing r-tard" is NOT as bad, that is just SWEARING really, and calling a griefer or a troll for R-tard is in my opinion legit, as that person are ruining it for many other players.

    However, the automated system see no differnce and the both "offences" are punished equally. That is WRONG.

    But in the end, the problem are trolls, griefers and people who play unserious. They NEED to somehow make Competitive ONLY avaliable to serious players, but I don't know how.
    i think the same way, i don't know how so many people justify trolling in comp.

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    I would create a preference to queue toxic players with toxic players and restrict their chat to be team only.

    Let the trash play with themselves.

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    stop acting like the only people silenced are raging retards screaming and cussing endlessly, ive been silenced for arguing with throwers, not even cussing, i bet if a snowflake and his friends report you, then there is some auto silence system in place.

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    Is it possible to join the team voice chat (just for listening purpose) when you are silenced? Apparently not and that really sucks, as i am nearly always silenced but still would like to "communicate" with my team, even if i am not able to say something myself...

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