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    Quote Originally Posted by Whitedragon View Post
    I'll start This thing off right and say Female Worgen
    You'd have to find dogs somewhat attractive for that to be true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xelium View Post
    My friend recently said that he think the female Draenei are most attractive race and I said female Night elves are.

    Btw, this is any Race (and gender), not Playable Races.
    Female Tauren....mmm, fap, fap, fap..

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    Fem panda. The only REAL choice.

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    Obviously Human....?

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    Draenei women have those curves that pop out at you and demand your attention, and they’re all so earnest and passionate that you know they’d be a wild ride.

    Then again, I love me some all natural (al natural) hippy girls in real life; Night Elves are all that with tattoos to boot.

    Probably my least favorite are Blood Elves. They come across as uptight and conceited, like those cool kids in high school that figured they were better than everyone else. Makes me think they’d be too worried about messing up their hair and make-up to cut loose and have fun.

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    F draenei and night elf.

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    Space goats and elves? Y'all are kidding, right? For the true connoisseur, the obvious answer is female dwarf.

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    Pandaren women cuz im a furfag.

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    Blood elf and Draenei for ladies, Dwarf and Blood elf for dudes. I like dwarves.
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    Dryads are the superior race. Also female dragons.
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    F blood elves and F draenei

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    Why people like the shaved goats are beyond me... it’s the blood elf gals for me.

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    Well... I quite enjoyed that one Yrel video.... so I'll go with Draenai.

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    F Orcs ofc!

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    Not quite a race, but the humanoid forms for Alexstrasza and Ysera.

    Since that likely doesn't count, and humans would be boring: Fem Draenei, Fem Night Elves, Fem Blood Elves, and Fem goblins, in no particular order.
    Draenei girls are just so mountable, and goblins are fucking adorable.
    Quote Originally Posted by mariovsgoku View Post
    Well... I quite enjoyed that one Yrel video.... so I'll go with Draenai.
    Damn it, I was trying to forget about that.
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    Hmmm forsaken females.... those sexy bones.

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    I'd have to say female Draenai, Human form Alexstrasza/Ysera (rip), and female Night Elves.
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    Female Draenei
    Female Night Elves
    Female Dwarves (yes honestly they look pretty sexy to me, I love women with curves)
    Female Gnomes

    The rest look like absolute trash. Human females... bah. So standard, maybe if they had more boobs (yes honest answer) and a mode to make the face a little rounder, just a tad.

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    White is the most attractive.

    Terrible jokes aside, female draenei and female nelf all the way.

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