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    tauren female make my dick hard

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coffeexbean View Post
    tauren female make my dick hard
    TMI Dude. TMI.
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    Depends on what one means by "attractive"...

    If going by "sexually" attractive, then I guess male Blood Elves?
    If going by attractive in terms of "fantasy", how they look wielding weapons and in armor, I'll have to go with female Orc and Male Tauren. My jaw damned near dropped to the floor the first time I saw a male tauren in-game, and that was despite rolling a female "talking cow" as my first character...

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    night elves by far.
    Their females are still the main bulk of their army, and they fight without heavy armor or steroid abuse.

    Lean tight ladies in great shape that can't be matched in agility and flexibility.
    Not to mention centuries of practice and confidence... no contest, really

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    Do old gods count? I say Yogg cause he know what them mouths do

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    Female gnome. Mmm.

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    Alpha female troll
    Quote Originally Posted by The Darkener View Post
    If you've never worked with Orthodox Jews then you have no idea how dirty they are. Yes, they are very dirty and I don't mean just hygiene
    Quote Originally Posted by The Penguin View Post
    most of the rioters were racist black people with a personal hatred for white people, and it was those bigots who were in fact the primary force engaged in the anarchistic and lawless behavior in Charlottesville.

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    Draenei or blood elf females.

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    I'm really surprised to see many of you who love the dorf ladies.

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    Dreanei women.

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    Worgen, once you've rubbed a balloon on their fur.

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    If you like boys, male blood elves. If you like girls, female draenei. If you like women, Sylvanas. If you like men, non-shape shifted Greymane. If you like furries, pandaren. =P

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    drogbar are pretty hot and bangable tbh

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    Quilboar females. That high priest of Agamaggan at the end of Razorfen Kraul is so damn bangable

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    If Night Elves were real, I'd definitely try to hang out with a nelf chick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hugnomo View Post
    player races:
    male human; blood elf; ... .... .... tauren (don't judge me) x) and male gnomes are very cute too.

    Stormforged vrykul *.*

    edit: also, not a race but, Anduin in his in game cinematic! <3
    And Turalyon!
    Quote Originally Posted by munkeyinorbit View Post
    Blizzard do what the players want all the time.

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    Female blood elves, with the exception of female night elves for demon hunter. Draenei 2nd, human 3rd, normal night elf fourth.
    For males; Blood elf 1st, worgen 2nd, tauren 3rd, pandaren 4th

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    I'd say belf dudes and spacegoat dudettes

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    Female Pandaren, sue me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whitedragon View Post
    I'll start This thing off right and say Female Worgen
    In official artwork I'll agree, but not on ingame model, blizzard fucked that one up hard... Still hoping for model updates for them in 8.0 that will fix that mess.

    Quote Originally Posted by Silvercrown View Post
    You'd have to find dogs somewhat attractive for that to be true.
    Entirely untrue, considering one is a humanoid and the other is not.
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