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    Quote Originally Posted by Owlmygod View Post
    Last time i played overwatch healers, hanzos etc did not stand on the open. I will just ask the mercy not to run away next time. stupid lucio running around pillars and healing.
    Good luck with that. Take care.
    "In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man loses his nerves"

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    Quote Originally Posted by A dot Ham View Post
    The point is, its a shitty tactic, its really an abuse of mechanics
    Agree it's pathetic, those that want to avoid combat for an excessive amount of time should stay dalaran. Arena should be the last place for that

    Continuously running around the pillar maybe similar to just jumping on flying mount and wait for cds. Flying mount is just more spectacular but 24/7 hiding is about as miserable

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    They should remove LoS objects from arena altogether and give tank specs the ability to be LoS objects. So if your team is behind a tank, the tank takes the damage.

    This basically mirrors Battlerite/Bloodline/HoTS. It gives tanks actual usage in arena and introduces body blocking, which is viable in PVP games. WoW doesn't have collision stuff like this because of the MMO nature, but I feel like collision could be a thing in instances.
    If they can't figure out collision, they should definitely figure out how to actually make tanks useful in arena. Give tanks PVP abilities that dampen people's damage output, I dunno, be creative, try new stuff.

    It takes them soooooo long to develop PVP in this game and when they finally decide to push envelopes we get PVP templates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naturalna View Post
    I would like to see those pillars move up and down 100% randomly. I would enjoy anything randomly hitting you in arena to be honest. Pure hunger games stuff, you are fighting in the middle and suddenly a flamethrower appears in the middle dealing AoE damage in 360 degree angle. Or you run on the bridge and suddenly it disappears.

    Or things like these could start spawning randomly after a certain time (3 minutes?) instead of this lame dampening. Thats real arena, heroes/adventurers refuse to kill each other for audience´s amusement? Screw them, release the hounds.
    They tried it and there's a reason to why it was the only map ever removed from the game

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