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    Happens in dungeons and m+ too, as some point we 3 or 4 manned these with friends due to most irlies being absent, and we've gotten 0-1 pieces of loot, the same applies to nightbane ETC.
    Personal drop can be assigned to party/raid slots that are empty, so can mythic loot, wtf.

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    I had the same problem with my guild a couple of months ago, except that we did it with 16 people. The first GM basically told me to go **** myself, also his English was really really bad, so I had to reopen my ticket, after which he just marked my ticket as solved, and I wrote a big bad survey, after which I instantly got a response from another GM, saying that the ticket wasn't redirected correctly, and scheduled me a phone call. I whined a bit and won myself 7 days of free game time, and 5 for everybody who was at that kill.

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    In truth, I'm not expecting anything. I just wanted to inform others about the actual drop rate. The original tweets from Blizzard on this are at best misleading and at worst untrue. The comments on the Wowhead item are also incorrect and may mislead others further. Many of us have been operating under the expectation of the old loot rules with previous expansions for mount drops in mythic raids. However, it appears that even mythic raid mounts are now governed by flex raid rules in this expansion.

    I've given Blizzard my own feedback in the ticket on why I think this is a misguided idea on a fixed difficulty content, such as Mythic Guldan. I'm not sure there is anything else I can do. We'll just be back, when possible, with 20 people or not go at all.

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    I don't think we needed to bump a thread from 6 months ago for that.

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