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    Reminder that it won't be out for a loong time.
    A feeling of don't repeat the past is coming up here. On one hand don't think this will be the best expansion like the majority of us did with WoD. On the other, don't just dismiss it because the initial theme is off putting.

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    Playing Vanilla/Legacy/Authentic Classic World of Warcraft.
    I welcome all of the ups and downs of vanilla I actively play it already and am so fucking hyped since the announcement I haven't subbed to WoW since cataclysm and I am already planning on returning might even try retail out again, I really just loved the way things played and felt, the immersion, the social environment that was further facilitated by the lack of quality of life features like instant travel to dungeons and queuing and such.
    "Even in the material world, you will find that if you look for the light, you can often find it. But if you look for the dark, that is all you will ever see."
    ----- Iroh

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    Cant wait to play it !

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    The anti legacy people are the absolute worst people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kazomir View Post
    Didn't they basically say though they want to re-create the classic experience and NOT copy-paste it?

    It means that this remaster may have some improvements over Vanilla
    If it's remastered then it's not vanilla anymore.

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    I just hope they optimize it so it doesn't feel as clunky as Vanilla did. I don't want gaps of up to a whole level where there are no quests available until I can grind the level and open the next zone. Hopefully PvP is a little more balanced and fleshed out as well, simply grinding 3 BGs forever gets real old real quick. Obviously they'll fix prominent bugs and glitches, I imagine we won't be able to climb into Hyjal from Winterspring or any other out of bounds jumps that were around back then. I'm excited for it though, I hope the wait isn't as long as for the expansion. I hope they use this as their pre-expansion boredom killer and it releases a month or two after Antorus is cleared.

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    Thanks for the post OP. Even more hype now.

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    This does not come across as some sort of "warning" or "reminder"

    It comes across as a scared fanboy, scared that people will leave the uninspired, shitty MMO behind and play it when it was good

    Yeah no shit the game had a slower pace, and every mob demanded your attention. That is what people liked about the game. That it wasent a spammy, God of War like, beat em up that it is today. Press 1 button and you aoe down 4 mobs. Congrats.

    Some of you are so salty its seeping through your posts. Enjoy your product, we got ours.

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    These titles were among the most difficult things to ever acquire in Warcraft and its why Blizzard has never re-released them.
    Uhm, you can(or atleast could) get them by doing rated battlegrounds.
    And smart players would create bg groups and take turns getting the max pvp rank.

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    As long as blizz doesn't pull a Master Chief Collection for their legacy servers, it should do very well. It's a smart business move, too, because I don't think blizz has to put much money into legacy servers at all, but I think the profits will be huge.

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    People will play to level 20 and then quit the classic server for good. the remainders will be 2 people competing for grand marshal.

    mark my words.

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    Quote Originally Posted by garicasha View Post
    Yah I didn't really mean to be so negative, but now that I'm an adult I don't have the time to run in circles around Un'Goro anymore.

    It was so much fun back in the day. Summoning Ragnaros for the first time is something I still clearly remember 13 or whatever years @#%^$%& epic!
    I remember our group not getting any T2 mage pants off Raggy till our 100th kill. None.

    Rotating taunts on the dragons in BWL to soak the buffets.

    I remember our first Twin Emps kill, too. It took a couple of weeks of tries to get it. The hardest thing was the other tank had a Thunderfury, but you can't use that in that fight because of the bugs on the floor, so he had to remember how to get threat the hard way. I did fine, because I never had the legendary crutch.

    I have no interest in Vanilla servers. I saw more than enough of it the first time around.

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    Man I can't wait to read all the bitching when people complain about druids and paladins unable to tank raids and every hybrid class being forced to heal.

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    Oh shut up. We know how vanilla was and we want it. I'll gladly walk into that mad world with sword and board, yelling into the night "FOR THE HORDE." And it'll be a mess of glory.

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    Stopped reading when you claimed Mages played Arance in MC/BWL That was Frost and they do indeed have Evocation.

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    i draw the line at having to mine the same node more than once again, time to fire up ye olde gatherer database.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ave07 View Post
    Man I can't wait to read all the bitching when people complain about druids and paladins unable to tank raids and every hybrid class being forced to heal.
    Some of us played it then and enjoyed it, play it now on private servers and and enjoy it, and will gladly play it again when Blizzard rolls their server out.
    It will have a healthy population, trust me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by garicasha View Post
    --The dude who got Baron Geddon's debuff on his pet, dismissed it, and re-summoned it in the AH and killed everyone
    --Hakkar Blood Plague infecting everyone (which actually got very serious treatment from the CDC as a case study on how real-life infectious diseases are transmitted)
    You got this off a bunch of 2005 articles written by lazy hack journalists.

    You can do the same thing in a dozen ways to this day.

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    Idk why people are butt hurt and calling OP salty. This is literally how it was in Vanilla; just facts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by garicasha View Post
    In conclusion, LFR isn't so bad.
    You can do LFR Afk. No one notices or cares. Try it. That's how bad LFR is. You don't actually have to do anything.

    Nothing you describe about vanilla was that bad.

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