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    Classic wow pvp system - In depth guide and discussion

    First of, before anything is said about the classic pvp system. You have to realize that it's mostly a relative system, however, your rank is not one of them. The honor system can be difficult to wrap your head around, largely because how different people have different experiences from back in the day.

    Some important terms to understand.
    HK - Honorable kill, we all know what this is. Killing players reward honor, amount depends on player rank and how many times you killed that played in the last 24 hours. More on this later.

    DK - Dishonorable kill. Killing civilian NPCs such as vendors, quest givers but not guards. Immediately reduces your rank points.

    WS - Weekly standing. How much honor you have acquired in comparison to other players in your faction in your realm this week.

    There are some more terms which we will explore later as well.

    By far, the most important statistic is honor. Which can be acquired in several ways. The most obvious one being honorable kills, or killing members of the opposing faction in your appropriate level range. In battlegrounds, keeping your opponents level in mind is not important. But if you are engaging in random pvp in the world, you will receive 0 honor for killing players significantly lower than you. This is weighted according to your own level, so killing a lvl 10 character at lvl 19 will yield 0 honor, but killing a lvl 51 character at lvl 60 will yield honor.

    The second way to acquire honor is through playing battlegrounds, which grants something that has been dubbed Bonus Honor Unit (BHU). At level 10-19, 1 BHU gives you 24 honor, while at lvl 60 it provides 198 bonus honor. An exception to this rule exist within Alterac Valley, which operate on a single lvl 51-60 bracket. Doing AV at lvl 51-59 rewards the same honor bonuses as doing AV at lvl 60, instead of the honor bonuses granted at lvl 51-59 in WSG and AB.

    However, as pointed out early on in the post. Honor is purely a relative stat. So while it's by far the most important statistic to increase from one week to another, it has in itself no bearing on how many ranking points you achieve in one week. Much more important is your honor, compared to the honor of your faction allies. The opposing faction have no influence at all, meaning that even if your faction lose 95% of Battlegrounds. Someone will inevitably have the most honor, and finish in the top bracket.

    Which brings me on to the next topic. Ranking points, which determine your rank on a scale from 1 to 60 000, is acquired at the end of each week depending on your current honor standing. 1-2000 being rank 2, while anything above 60 000 points being rank 14. The absolute theoretical maximum ranking points is 65 000, though this would quite literally require decades of finishing in the number 1 spot, but more on that later.

    At the end of each week, your standing is calculated, the total amount of players is calculated and each player is placed in a ranking points bracket. Players that do not acquire at least 15 honorable kills in a given week, will not be calculated and will receive 0 ranking points. Here are the 13 brackets, yes there are 13 brackets but 14 ranks. Later on this will become relevant.
    Note: There were some changes in 1.12, effectively making reaching rank 14 easier by increasing the size of the upper brackets.

    Bracket 1 = 12 000 ranking points - 3 in 1000
    Bracket 2 = 11 000 ranking points - 8 in 1000
    Bracket 3 = 10 000 ranking points - 20 in 1000
    Bracket 4 = 9000 rankings points - 35 in 1000
    Bracket 5 = 8000 ranking points - 60 in 1000
    bracket 6 = 7000 ranking points - 100 in 1000
    Bracket 7 = 6000 ranking points - 159 in 1000
    Bracket 8 = 5000 ranking points - 228 in 1000
    bracket 9 = 4000 ranking points - 327 in 1000
    bracket 10 = 3000 ranking points - 436 in 1000
    bracket 11 = 2000 ranking points - 566 in 1000
    bracket 12 = 1000 ranking points - 697 in 1000
    bracket 13 = 400 ranking points - 845 in 1000
    Note: Data is scarce on the lower brackets, and is likely incorrect. But there is solid data to support that the highest brackets are very accurate. For the record, prior to 1.12, the top bracket was 2 in 1000 as opposed to 3 in 1000.

    There are two more brackets, which operate differently than the others brackets. If you are not ranked, and acquire 15 honorable kills in a single week. You will be rank 1, even if you don't gather enough honor to gain any ranking points whatsoever. There is also a top rank, which is obtainable by a single player only in each faction in each realm. This rank gives you 13 000 ranking points.

    As you may have figured out, the ranking system goes from 1-60 000, 60 000 being rank 14. Rank 1 only require 15 kills, rank 2 require 1-2000 points and rank 3 require 2000-5000 points. Further advancements occur in 5000 intervals, so there is no need to write them down. At this point you may be thinking that reaching rank 14 is not a huge issue, though you may have heard otherwise from stories throughout the years and maybe from your own research.

    Introducing the dreaded and infamous ranking decay, and a little note on dishonorable kills. Each and every single week, your current ranking points is reduced by 20% out of your total pool, up to a maximum of 2500 points. At 40 000 ranking points (rank 10), this amounts to 8000 ranking points, which means that you must finish in the top .6% on your server, in order to even maintain your current rank. At 55 000 ranking points (rank 13), you must acquire 11 000 points to maintain your current rank, which is the top .08%.

    Performing a single dishonorable kill at lvl 60, reduces your total ranking points by 100. The effect is immediate, and does not take into account the maximum ranking point loss per week of 2500 points. So if you ever heard someone tell stories of how someone in their party killed an NPC, which ruined their week. They are not exaggerating. In fact, it could easily ruin several weeks of hardcore grinding.

    I mentioned earlier that while the classic pvp system is largely relative, the ranks are not. Which is sort of correct, and sort of is not. It's a bit difficult to explain, but it's essentially possible to have a significant higher number of rank 10-13 players than the ranking distribution in the bracket system suggests. Since the decay is maximum 2500 points per week, it's possible to maintain your rank 13 at 58 000 points without finishing with the required 12 000 points to maintain your rank. I've done some searching, and i'm not entirely sure if your ranking points can exceed 60 000, allowing you to retain rank 14 without actually finishing 1st. Hope someone has an answer for this.

    Some more side points that i'm not really sure where to fit in.

    * Your maximum rank is determined you your current level. While it is possible to finish with the most honor at lvl 1 and receive 13 000 points. It's not possible to exceed rank 3 until lvl 34, and you cannot reach rank 14 until lvl 59.

    * Honor and standing can exclusively be viewed in hindsight. There is no way of knowing how much honor is required for future weeks in order to finish first, only previous weeks. However, you can keep an eye out for prominent pvp players to get a general idea. Any approximation is also less unreliable the higher up the ranks you go, and more reliable the lower you go.

    * Due to the top bracket only being available to the top .03% of pvpers. It's possible that the system rounds that to be 0, in which case the top player in the 2nd bracket receive 12 000 ranking points. Which in turn results in no rank 14 player for that particular week.

    * If no player has acquired 60 000 ranking points, there is no rank 14 player that particular week. Which resulted in lots of griefing, trolling and harassment back in the day if someone not rank 13 dared compete for the number 1 spot.

    Lastly, i am not sure if it's possible for more than player to have rank 14 at any one time. If exceeding 60 000 points is possible, it's possible to sit at rank 14 without acquiring 13 000 points, as the decay at 61 000 points for example is 12 200, in which case acquiring 12 000 points allow you to stay at rank 14. I'm pretty sure this was not tested, as i've never heard cases of people not taking extended breaks after hitting rank 14.

    This much earlier MMO-Champion post suggest it's possible however.

    - - - Updated - - -

    As for how to fix the system. Altering the decay from 20%, to 19% at the end of each week would reduce the decay at 55 000 points from 11 000 to 10 450. Allowing a 12 000 increase to result in 1 550 points gained, as opposed to 1000. At 59 000 points, it would be possible to hit rank 14, without finishing absolute first on your server.

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