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    Lightbulb Possible hints towards upcoming characters

    As you can see, these are concepts from before the game was launched...some of them are actually in the game. Perhaps some will make it into the game later, in some form or another?

    Enlarge for more detail. I linked to straight up .jpg links but apparently Imgur no longer allows that, so these links will push you to the whole page instead.

    Also, who's the fella in this image?

    Random person, Doomfist, interesting-looking dude, Reaper, Moira. Who's the interesting-looking robot-headed suit-clad dude?
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    The second image there has been known for some time. They certainly have used older designs.

    )in the last picture) The random dude on the far left is in the Sym comic. He is from Vishkar. The robot next to Reaper and Doomfist is Maximilian from the Masquerade comic.

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    Personally, I had really hoped the 'vampire' healer would be Maximilian. I wanted a bad-guy support for a while, and seeing him, I could totally picture him as some kind of cybernetic vampire (given his dress and black/red color palette).

    Rather than the beam thing Moira has, I imagine he would release a cloud of robotic vampire bats, damaging enemies and healing allies, either in an area like Zen or cast onto a target like a swarm.

    Too bad, so sad. Maybe he will be the disguise hero at a later date.

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