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  • I love exploring - Give me new maps!

    6 35.29%
  • I'd love to have more things to do in existing maps.

    11 64.71%
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    Would you rather have new maps, or more content in existing maps?

    Hello champions! Good to see you, as always.

    I've been playing Path of Fire. Almost getting that freaking griffon! Damn, what a journey. But, I've been paying attention on how "empty" most of the maps are, at least by now - it's a real shame.

    So, that made me think...What would you prefer: having new maps on the next living story (like Bloodstone Fen, in LS3), or have new things to do in existing maps?

    I'd take the second option. I think that Tyria is already big enough. New maps should only be added in expansions, and the Crystal Desert is already too big!

    And you?

    See you soon, folks!

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    LS3 was in a way what happens when you release the living story on current maps. It doesn't work for the population as a whole. Anet will have to address that huge number of maps in the game though. The game is massive. Maybe LS4 should be like LS2 where the story unfolds on a handful of maps instead of a new one each episode. They can't force people to buy the episodes that way though.

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    how about both?

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    I like the big zones of PoF, but since they still have the player cap of a smaller map, they probably would have been better off breaking them up. Rather than 5 zones, could have been 8 or so. A final "Dragons Stand" style Vabbi area could have been it's own zone then maybe folks would do it...

    Player whine if you change things, so maybe fleshing out empty areas with new content that doesn't void the old content that once resided there could work, but I also like the new zones having some variety.

    Like the dwarf hold area in highlands, imagine if that had been it's own zone added on later, could have been very neat.
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    Why not any choice to have both?
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    Voted for "old maps" but agree that an 'all of the above' option would be great.

    I dig moving to new areas in the game. It satisfies the whole exploration focus of the open world. But I absolutely loved seeing old maps change due to story events. I missed a lot of S1, but I'm not even mad about it. I always liked the idea that i could somehow 'miss' stuff in the game if I didn't check in regularly. As it is now, I don't log in nearly as much, since I can just do the story at my leisure.

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    I think so. Why not have a choice for both.

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