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    Free 3-day Stimpack for Virtual Ticket Holders

    Claim in your Battle.net client!
    Moderator of Heroes of the Storm, come say hi!

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    Neat, gonna save that until I have a weekend where I can play a lot and finally get Diablo and Butcher to level 15 and get that sexy Diablo Villains Portrait.

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    Same here. Hardly played the last three weeks, so my only skin for the current event is the paper bag Gazlower that I purchased. Have a bunch of heroes close to level and finally some free time beginning Friday afternoon.

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    That's an awesome surprise! I'm going to hold off on logging in until I can get a solid few hours to play.

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    OK, as I am fairly new in the Blizzard family and all....would someone please explain WHAT exactly this thing is? I received one in my in game mail and have NO idea how to use it or what it's for?! Thank you!!

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    Rewards for playing games are hero XP and Gold, a currency to buy more heroes or reroll chests. With an active stimpack, you get 100% extra XP and 150% extra Gold.

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    I havent gotten it. :< Or maybe I already have and forgot about it.

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    Free with terms and conditions.

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    Thanks for the help!!

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