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    I wasn't talking about the relative gains, I was talking about the conversion. I thought they were confused on set ratings of mastery versus % given out on other stats. Also, I don't think we should consider a mid-expansion stat modification a standard adjustment. I wouldn't expect them to do that again in BfA since they only did it to fix something they thought was broken.
    The point of discussion is that 3% versatility is in some way superior to flat mastery rating because 3% versatility is "always the same". Which is completely untrue and the only point I am trying to make.

    My only point is that versatility could just say the increase in ratings and it would work the same yet people would consider it worse for some reason.

    If mastery is weaker or stronger for some class is irrelevant. So is the value of versatility different compared to other stats for different specs.
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    For everything else, there's Brewmastercard

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quh View Post
    1) Give staffs back to WW monks :-(

    2) Give back the old Brewmasters
    one of these might happen. but guard is never coming back like it was in WoD. sorry :\

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    Wouldn't be surprised to see WW mastery changed yet again.

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    As they already stated that they're not going to mess too much with current specs I doubt that they would make drastic changes in BFA.

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    My only real hope would be to have legendary chest effect baseline. It makes the rotation much better and more enjoyable. T21 4p baseline would be much worse as it only works when something melees you. And "spitfire" style mechanic (chance to reset CD from tiger palm) would just be annoying.

    It would be nice to have Smashed (keg smash range) and SaaCR (movement speed from brew) baseline though.
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    For everything else, there's Brewmastercard

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    Get rid of tab-target debuff application for meaningful AoEing.
    Fix scaling.
    Talent diversity (I actually hate Serenity, but wouldn't mind ChiEx making a comeback for something like Serenity / ChiEx / WDP for the last row)
    Decide what niche we fill--are we burst ST, cleave, or what? It's very unclear what the desired niche for us is these days.
    I also might be in the minority that liked TEB, for giving the player non-rotation impacting control of when damage spikes occur.
    Hit combo needs to be baseline.
    Figure out the rest of the SEF bugs, though I think this incarnation is the best one yet.

    Fix mana. I have more mana issues than any other healing class in the game right now, and it's not fun.
    Enveloping Mists is garbage.
    Artifact cast is clunky from being so slow.
    Revival needs a buff of some sort, lingering HoT that acts like Essence Font HoT, whatever. It doesn't need a mass dispel attached to it.
    Life Cocoon is still kinda garbage.
    Please fix mana.

    Bring back Guard.
    Clash was fun.
    So was that ability that worked like raid-wide Sac.
    ZM needs to decide if its a real ability or a gimmick.
    I think BrM was at it's best when it had a diverse set of CDs to mitigate damage and could do tricks like solo-tanking Malkorok

    In general:
    I still think the teleport ability is kinda gimmicky.
    I like being extremely mobile.
    19 2pc / 20 4pc pre-nerf was the best I've ever seen the WW rotation.
    Healing mobility on MW is a lot of fun.
    Not having to do lots of mechanics because I'm a melee healer makes raid leading easier I guess.
    I don't miss the old Stagger mechanic vs. the way brews are now but other than that I liked old BrM more.
    I don't think Serenity is fun but at least it's better than it was in EN when the rules for when you could use it were INSANE.
    I like being able to fit all three roles.

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    BrM should get a raid sprint in the form of throwing brews to everyone within 20 yards, or other variations of this.

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    Hopefully ww dps doesnt suck dick
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    Anyway stop being such an ass fucktard.
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    Would you kindly go fuck yourself?

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