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    You're definitely entitled to have an opinion about how it looks. The color on the in-game model looks really bad, for example. However, judging by the vocal minority, the armor change is "a direct attack on the playerbase by Blizzard and their now feminist agenda", an argument that gets extremely tiresome rather quickly. It's always about Sylvanas as well.
    It makes me laugh that some people genuinely believe that though. I mean, come on... I've seen a lot of this bullshit in the past week though. Mostly a lot about Jainas/Alexstrasza's(For HOTS) new models. I'm all for whatever they decide, aslong as it looks good. Personally I just prefer Sylvanas's old model because it's just perfect for her. Mainly the colouring.
    This website LOL

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    Banshees dont need armour.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iolar View Post
    Banshees dont need armour.
    That's only true if they have no corporeal form.

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    Quote Originally Posted by therealstegblob View Post
    No one draws Grom without a shirt on to make him look sexy.
    My girlfriend literally thinks that Grom is the sexiest character in WoW, so I don't know. Every time she sees him she remarks about how much of a hunk he is.

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    Fantasy isn't allowed in fantasy anymore and realism and shitty tumblr politics have to be shoved into everything
    I am reformed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TyrannicalPuppy View Post
    Correction, the amount of val'kyr needed increases with every death. You're right that she has 3 left, but if she dies, it'll take all three to bring her back.
    I don't think that's ever been stated anywhere. The first time she was revived by one because that one was their leader and the strongest. The second time three weaker ones had to die to bring her back.
    If you want to find out who rules you, find out whose opinions you're not allowed to disagree with without being punished.

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    It seems like muslims invaded World of Warcraft and they see a naked belly as sexism lolol. btw I have datamined the sylvanas model for the 2020 expansion:

    The trick of selling a FFA-PvP MMO is creating the illusion among gankers that they are respectable fighters while protecting them from respectable fights, as their less skilled half would be massacred and quit instead of “HTFU” as they claim.

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    Quote Originally Posted by By the Emperor View Post
    Mages, Warlocks and Priests only wear cloth, in which it doesn't really matter whether it covers all of their skin or none of it, as it won't protect you from anything other than a slight draft.
    I do HEMA and you'd be surprised what some thick cloth armour (gambeson) can do. We hit each other with full size steel longswords and you can barely feel it.

    A clothy that was wearing actual cloth armour (rather than clothes) would be pretty safe from most cutting and blunt force attacks.

    Quote Originally Posted by Toppy View Post
    But, what at all, is Sylv's leather corset going to protect her from? A blow from the monstrously large weapons both sides use? the likely magic arrow of an elf archer? bullets? magic? Of course its already been established that Sylv's skin is incredibly hard due to her transformation.
    Leather armour is actually pretty tough, that corset would protect her for from any kind of slashing attack and most glancing stab attacks.
    Garrosh did nothing wrong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strangebrew View Post
    Fantasy isn't allowed in fantasy anymore and realism and shitty tumblr politics have to be shoved into everything
    This. The world is being ruled by killjoys. HotS is the last bastion of fantasy for Blizzard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steampunkette View Post
    Argus, you seem to mistaking fantasy for reality.

    Demon Hunters don't exist. The lore exists only in so much as it explains their creator's intentions. They could be hypermobile wearing full plate armor because of specially crafted joints in the warmor and rocket boots, super strength, or 'wizard did it', but that's not what the designer wanted. The designer wanted a superheroic demon-powered killing machine. So he designed one with no shirt and badass tattoos. All the Lore sprouts from that. All the "Reasons" he doesn't wear armor come from the decision to make a character who didn't wear armor. There wasn't some grand tradition of Nelf Demon Hunters that was handed down through the generations and adapted to the game world based on real world events.

    He's shirtless 'cause the designer went 'Hmm. I like the idea of tats for this character, but armor would cover them up. No armor! Big muscles! POWER and SPEED!"

    Fuck, nelf demon hunters could've been 3 feet tall with bells on the top of their pointy hats and goddamned gatling guns if the designers had wanted that and all the Lore would back that decision up (And it would still be terrible).
    funny how you just ridiclued your own statements... so now its just designer decisions with laserguns and mechanical dinosaurs... but when its about a female in "revealing" armor its sexist malefantasy. (your examples for strong vs. sexy are also lacking because i never saw sylvanas lying maipulating on a throne like the animegirl you picked.. all sylvanas does is standing around in "revealing" armor.)

    not to mention that she is a mobile character who is also turning into a banshee if anything she could wear loose clothing because even leather armor is very narrowing. so they decided to go with the most logical armor.. and here you are saying again "its not reallife"..

    well... you are using different arguments for different statments just to come out on top.

    funny that illidan or varian are totaly not intended to be female fantasy(they are not.. same as sylvanas.. but you could! project these characters into the real world and see them as attractive males or females.) and only "SOME" woman like that kind of male... (funny how everybody and their granddad are right now in the gym getting "dem gainz".. but thats probably just male powerfantasy and not "males want to be attractive to woman")

    funny that woman watch movies like "magic mike" and read books like "50 shades of gray"... probably just because males forcing them to do it..
    same with the books which are written by males.... but still woman who buy them... man.. these evil white male opressors. (because they are probably white too.)

    funny that i cant remember a single weak female character in the warcraft universe... but weak or "the funny stupid guy" i remember instantly some...
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    Metzen already discussed why the change happened. He said his daughter asked why the girls fight in their underwear and he couldn’t give her a good reason for it.

    Their game. Their decision. Move on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ablock87 View Post
    I don't care that they added more clothing.
    What bugs me is the color scheme. The pieces added don't mesh with her existing uniform. It looks hideous.
    IKR? It's the color scheme that's jarring; here you have nice red plate, silver chainmail, and some bits of leather, and right in the middle a big pile of shit brown... why the fuck couldn't it be more silver chainmail? or a red-ish leather?

    Also, fuck metzen and his reasons, and fuck everyone applying real world reasoning to a goddamn fantasy game.

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