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    what does my poop turn into as a treant?
    If you knew the candle was fire then the meal was cooked a long time ago.

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    Bears shit in the woods.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smellyflute View Post
    I'd eat a bunch in bear form and then quickly switch to flight form and unload on some gankers trying to get in those last few ganks before the pvp change.
    oh did i kill ya ? are ya in Eu ? because i've been doing that lately on my rogue, but no camping just kill and move on.

    xXx English is not my first language xXx

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    What If you transformed mid poop

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    I'd eat and poop in bearform, then camp the poo in Treeform.

    Rinse and repeat untill i'm bigger then the f* Petronas Towers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twix View Post
    in bird form and I would shit all over draenor because WoD was shit
    That explains why it was shit

    Quote Originally Posted by Polarthief View Post
    Do people normally shit on shit?

    Well you always poop in the toilet because that's where the other poop is... no?
    Quote Originally Posted by Citamorf
    To THINK that they'd release FOUR of the SIX new Allied Races to play BEFORE the Expansions release is FOOLISH to think
    Quote Originally Posted by Arikan View Post
    Facts I've been told: Horde will never have paladins/Alliance will never have shaman, goblins/worgen/pandaren will never be playable races, demon hunters will never be a playable class, Blizzard will never sell in-game items for real world money, Blizzard will never have classic servers, the max level cap can't go past 100.

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    As a Bear in the Woods.

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    bear form, and i would always sit on a toilet and spray air freshener afterwards. and i would courtesy flush.

    does a bear shit in the woods?

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    My personal gaming blog:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Polarthief View Post
    Do people normally shit on shit?
    You ever use a porta-john?

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    Moonkin form! then I spam moonfire until it disintegrated = no evidence, also if its messy it would get stuck in my fur and I wouldnt notice any way...
    "You think you do, but you don't..."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiwack View Post
    what does my poop turn into as a treant?
    A stool.

    “If you don't believe me that is too damn bad!”

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    Fly form and shit on pigeons.

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    Get into Bear form.
    Poop. Make a pile.
    Move a bit to the right.

    Get into Moonkin form....
    Poop. Make a pile.
    Move a bit to the right...

    You get the idea.
    "In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man loses his nerves"

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    Blizz should implement a special hippo form for pooping.

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    In water form.... like a goldfish.
    When I was younger I used to hope bad things wouldn't happen.
    Now I just hope they're at least funny when they do.

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    Stay off the drugs bro
    I'll not spend my days glancing over my shoulder for assassins. Let them look back for me. --Elbryan, the Nightbird.

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