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    Played since Nov '05. I've quit WoW several times, mainly in WotLK, Cata, MoP, WoD. In Legion I decided to give it a go raiding Mythic difficulty and I am still playing. Currently my guild are on a break after Mythic ToS, but we will be back for the new raid in a couple of weeks. I am enjoying Legion because I am raiding in a guild otherwise Legion probably wouldn't appeal to me. My friends and family that played WoW all started before me in 2005 and most of them quit almost immediately after getting to 110.
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    Started vanilla day 1, never stopped except half of WoD and still loving it. Very much looking forward to BFA, with the massive squish and troll/old god raids, going to feel a bit like TBC days.

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    Played since BC, still play.

    I admit some of the wonder and mystery has long gone for me with the exception of Pandaria providing a rest-bite from the same old same old. Unfortunately that direction of "entirely new" introductions seems to be thought as negative and people want it to always be familiar which I just can't understand.

    The first patches of Legion were actually inspiring but it has fallen flat since 7.2, with ToS being the worst raid they have ever released in my opinion and the broken shore being laughable.

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    Playing PVP since WotLK (at least in a more serious manner), and I still play. I recognize Legin has its flaws but it has good parts too so that balances everything. Just hope for more pvp envolving content

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    I've been playing since beginning of Cata, so I don't know how much of a saying I have over this, but I loved all expansions so far minus WoD. MoP was my fav, second fav is Legion, a close third is Cata because that's when I started, and of course WoD much lower than the rest. My problem with WoD though was that it felt so underdeveloped. I liked the characters, I just didn't think they were given enough time to really shine. I can't wait for BfA, I feel like it might be my new favourite expansion already. The war/going to new land/helping people/our war causing trouble for them 'theme' looks the same as MoP, only this time, instead of asian themed art, we get typical fantasy art and areas are themed after blood/death/desert. It really looks amazing!

    Also, I've been hoping for a Queen Azshara fight ever since I met her in 4.3, so this is another reason I am really excited about this expansion. Not to mention that I really like Anduin and Genn, both of which seem to be a central part of the new expansion

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    Playing since Ulduar release. I'm still enjoying the game. Took a couple of breaks early Mists, during WoD and I only started Legion in december for a couple of months only to come back in August. WoD was a complete disaster that almost made me not come back to the game. Thankfully, Legion is really interesting and great while having its flaws. I wouldn't rate it over Wrath or MoP, but definitely better than Cata that I liked overall. My WoD break was the only one because of the game, I usually took break because of IRL time lacking. I'm not especially hyped for BfA but I've never been for any expansion as I don't want to get my hopes high. I'm enjoying the game for now and that's enough.
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    Yes, still kicking!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Karzerus View Post
    I feel like most people still having real fun with the game have only been playing it for a few years and are relative newcomers, maybe a little more. All my friends (and past) friends that I know from Vanilla/BC do not enjoy the game any longer, or linger around but are clearly not very invested.

    For me the game has been lukewarm since Cataclysm, and that hasn't changed. No expansion, BfA included, has stirred strong emotions in me.
    My will to play pretty much ended mid way Wrath (was playing since december 2004). The developer team change really hurt the game. Tom Chilton, aka Kalgan, wasn't the best pick for the job in my opinion. Still I did raid Icecrown, had to fight the Lich King.

    Cataclysm nuked my will to play for good. Retcons galore, lorelols left and right (I play warcraft since the very first game in the 90s, story matters a lot to me), dumbed down talents, some of the area revamps too, specially forsaken cities (Brill hit me the hardest, I loved the area before, the tavern had that unique music from one of the razorfen areas).
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    I've been playing since little before TBC launched, patch 1.5.0 around there, didn't get to dabble too much in to vanilla in retail, but saw enough of it to not start playing classic realms regularly other than the few missing things that can't be completed in retail anymore, otherwise still going strong with retail. The game has changed as i have changed or i changed because of the game, don't really know which happened.
    WotLK was the best era looking from a emotional ties/story point of view, TBC was the worst.
    Legion is currently where i expected the game to be game systems wise since i started playing, so i could say 10 years of playing was worth it to get where i wanted, so it's the best it's been in that area. What comes to BfA, i'm pretty much most hyped about the pvp on/off toggle, but it looks promising on other areas too.
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    I'm a player since Vanilla. Yes I still love the game and would not be playing it if I didn't. Super excited over BFA and Classic servers and for whatever comes next. Gameplay, community and the world itself are just naturally fun for me.

    Over the years the game has become more about parsing and theorycrafting for me, but in that sense it's actually more fun than ever.

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    Day one player here I hadn't reserved the game at the nearby game shops I remember running around from store to store and it being sold out everywhere all the game shops around me. Thinking I was out of luck I ended up trying out a Walmart and they had a ton of copies still in stock. I have played off and on since then with quiting in wod's 6.1 and returning to the game about a month ago being the longest gap in time.

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    Sure. Still enjoy the game (helped by being part of a great guild and fun raiding team). It's not perfect (and I'm genuinely worried about the next expansion) but most of the time when new content roles out its great.

    Oh and played since vanilla beta.

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    I have been playing since Vanilla. I only took a small break during MoP in the last two raid tiers I did not play. Legion to me as been one of the better expansions in recent memory, and certainly most addicting.

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    I feel like I still WANT to love it, and thought back in Cata that going casual would allow me to do so... but I also feel like I haven't actually loved it.
    I enjoy the leveling of a new expac at first... but it gets old quickly. I enjoy seeing a new raid or dungeon... the first time.
    I feel like there's been cool things I might have enjoyed, like Suramar, that were sullied by gating and rep grinds.
    I do enjoy getting a new cool mount or tmog, but then realize I don't enjoy DOING anything that would allow me to see it.

    I just feel so concerned that if I don't "keep up" I'm not going to be able to get back in easily, or I'll miss something, and I've been trying harder and harder to stay away, because it sort of just feels like addiction.

    I tried leveling up a brand new alt recently to see if that would get me back into it, and I absolutely have to say what they did with the old world and the quests in Cataclysm *completely* ruined that experience for me.
    The fact that I couldn't even spend a little time trying to be nostalgic for a period of time when I truly adored the game was heartbreaking. And no, I don't want to play on an entire server dedicated to that nostalgia, for the simple reason the characters are locked to it, and I can't move forward in the game with them, which is the purpose of leveling an alt.

    Been playing since TBC, btw.

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    Legion has reignited a lot of the love of the game for me. These last few expansions I liked the leveling but nothing really pushed me to get into the challenging content. This expansion what finally pushed me over was being forced to run those mythic dungeons for the Nightborne questline (which was super fun), which alerted me to the existence of the manual group finder where I could queue for NON-LFR RAIDS without a guild! And with titanforging I actually had the gear for it, so I did! Soon I was raiding so much I needed a guild, got a guild, and being in a guild meant I needed to collect proper raiding mats to help out said guild, all of a sudden I was even more addicted to the game than I was back in WotLK.

    One of the best things Legion has done is give me an actual reason to level alts. So I finished my rogue for the most part, I moved onto my hunter, really enjoyed their artifact/class hall chains. Then decided to roll a demon hunter, and a druid, and a warlock, all with improved class/spec identity and unique story content. I even started actually leveling non-gathering professions for the first time ever after learning that WoD's cheap resources help a lot in boosting to legion level without breaking your bank in half, and that they have their own little questlines where you learn new recipes from.

    It's all been fun, it's all been interesting, it's all been unique, and I'm actually dreading the announcement of the next expansion purely because I'm not done with this one yet. There's just too much content!

    (Oh and I played since late classic. Forgot to mention that bit.)
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    Been playing since early vanilla, with a lot of breaks from wotlk and after. I’d say I can’t stay playing the game for more than 2-3 months at a time anymore, and that has been since cata.

    The game is ok, I think it’s mainly about the community and the fact that no one from my friends are playing this game anymore.
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    Played since early BC. Legion has been great, I look forward to BfA depending on how they do things!
    80% of my time is spent RPing, which has kept me playing for a while
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    I started playing in Vanilla, 7 months away from BC launch (I didn't get to max level in that time, so no raiding). I've played all the expansions since then. The expansion I played less is probably Mists of Pandaria (I hated the setting). I've been spending more time in Legion that I ever did, not counting BC and WotLK. The setting (come on, defeating the Burning Legion is what Warcraft was all about), the artifacts, the legendary system and the flexible leveling experience have a lot to do with that. Currently unsubscribed, but planning to return for Antorus.

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    Started a few months after vanilla release. Played 5+ nights a week raiding endgame in a few competitive guilds until Cataclysm dropped. I've been pretty much off and on since then. I mostly just run LFR and level alts from time to time on two different accounts. I still have fun when I play but I only invest a few hours a week. That will pick up for a while when Battle of Azeroth hits.

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    I started playing in Vanilla. I did do some "somewhat serious" raiding. My guild was nearly done with BWL when TBC came out.

    I take lots of breaks from the game. Anywhere from 1 month to 6 months. This keeps the game much more fresh. The novelty comes back, after a break. Even during a content lull. Sometimes my break happens when new content comes out, and then I start up again during a lull. Doesn't bother me, because it's new to me!

    I still consider WoW to me one of my favorite games. Now, when I un-sub, I leave my feedback as something like "Just takin' a break. I'll be back." I've never really truly "rage quit".

    Sometimes I even un-sub when I'm still into the game; RL is busy.

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