8 tanks, 2 on each boss. Every tank uses the ZG trinket for +5%? spell hit.

We have 2 groups always in a safe spot just in front of the stairs. They rotate in and out with the groups at Mograine and Korthazz. We kill them first.
No dps on Zeliek and Blameux. Just 4 tanks and rotating healers.

Each of the 4 DPS groups has a healer assigned. If we have extra healers, they chill in the safe spot and heal people who are coming back from Mog/Korthazz or who've taken an extra mark.

The Korthrazz tank calls out the meteors and the DPS groups move as soon as the 3rd one lands

Once Mog/Thane are dead, we repeat on the other 2 although it's not as rigid with groups.

ie it makes sense for all the mages to go as one group now since they can roll a nice ignite.

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Nope lights hope (renamed Lightbringer, not long ago) is not on naxx, they are just about to be starting on AQ.

It is out on kronos however, and has been for awhile.
Quite abit smaller server pop now, so longer pvp que times id imagine.
But atleast to my experience the people there are quite friendly.
Prob just a result of more reasonable server size -> less conflict over limited recources.

Just had a look and yea heres the patch projection
Patch 1.8, "Dragons of Nightmare", releases on November 22
Patch 1.9, "The Gates of Ahn'Qiraj", releases on December 13, which begins the Ahn'Qiraj War Effort
Patch 1.10, "Storms of Azeroth" will be released four (4) weeks after the first defeat of C'thun
Patch 1.11, "Shadow of the Necropolis" will be released eight (8) weeks after 1.10
Yea, it's been out on K since late October. Just killed KT for my first time on Tuesday Totally agree, we're super friendly, come join us PvP queue times are fine but we only get WSG during the week. You don't usually have to wait longer than 1 game to finish to get a go.

On BG weekends there's always at least 1 BG going. Mostly it's 2 or 3. Sometimes as many as 3 concurrent AVs!