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    Blizzard have gone out of their way to completely trivialize leveling content, in order to funnel players into the max level endgame as quickly as possible. Not only have they made characters absurdly strong compared to enemy mobs while leveling, they've also introduced Heirlooms and character boosts to further trivialize this aspect of WoW.

    My only question is: Why? Why take a big steaming shit on a part of WoW's content that a lot of people used to love? I remember years ago, and I mean 5+ at least, a majority of players were actually just interested in leveling, and most didn't even have a single max level. Now everyone has several characters at max level, not an insignificant amount even have like 10+ at 110. Are you really invested in all of those characters and care about them as much as you would have, if you had taken the time to level them up and grow with them? Probably not.

    I know for me, I'm not nearly as invested in my max level characters as I used to be. They mean almost nothing to me, as I can essentially create a copy of them in a few weeks time at most. The characters have gone down in value a lot since the years have passed by. This feels just wrong.
    Why would someone who has been playing and leveling the same character for 12 years want to all of a sudden feel like they are starting again from square one?
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    Ironic considering my join date and yours. 0/10
    You have to have some serious personal issues to claim the join date of a 3rd party website means.... anything LOL.
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