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    Quote Originally Posted by amplitudelol View Post
    You sound like a whining chimp who lies to itself that every player who kills it is probably a 950 (lol) guy with the best legendaries so the chimp doesnt feel bad about being trash at the game.
    And you sound like an elitist, immature child who cannot disagree with someone like an adult, but instead,
    act like the "kind of player" who people actively avoid playing with.

    You are the kind of people who will never enable PvP in BfA no matter how balanced it is. What the chimps want is having the same ammount of stats and shit with their shit gear as someone with high-end. Thats retarded of course and they misunderstand what Blizzard wants with this change which is good geared players not being able to oneshot other good geared people.
    For someone who throws insults around so much, especially the word "chimp", your reasoning at the end is
    unsurprisingly rather "less than human-evolution" (i.e. Chimp-like).

    "Good geared" players are not the only ones getting one-shot. Most people do the towers and other pvp
    dailies because they're easy pvp exp that they can do without necessarily being forced to pvp with people.

    Its just another option. Which there's nothing wrong with. However, it is very hard to go about completing
    those towers and battles without getting smacked over the head and instantly killed, especially if you're
    a fresh lvl 110, or hell, even with an ilvl of over 900 and still getting destroyed by certain classes and
    their legendaries? Since not every legendary is even close to being the same in buffing abilities and the
    damage they do, its quite unfair. I mean ffs, a Guardian Druid with the right legendaries could take a
    whole ten man and not die. That's horribly unbalanced. Its doesn't take a "chimp" to figure that out.

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    Yeahhhh some people can't get over the fact that oneshotting someone without him having any chance at all is not fun nor is it balanced.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lulbalance View Post
    How did it take this long to see those were problematic?
    Players weren't as overgeared as nowadays so this change wasn't necessary earlier.
    As a warrior tank with ilvl 930+ I can easily nuke 2-3 damage dealers at once which wasn't possible with Nighthold gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by judgementofantonidas View Post
    WORLD PVP should have ZERO time spent on making it balanced. Some times you are the baddest fish in the pond, some times you are just a minnow. Balance is why there is instanced pvp. For those try hards that feel they need to prove how "skilled" they are at jumping around in circles.
    Yup proved me point! Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Easo View Post
    Yeahhhh some people can't get over the fact that oneshotting someone without him having any chance at all is not fun nor is it balanced.
    Sssssh, we're "chimps" for thinking so dude.

    Kinda sad that no mod has taken care of that obvious flame post though. Tsk, tsk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by huldu View Post
    And how exactly would you enforce pvp on a world quest? It's a chore and making drastic changes to it means it's going to take even longer to finish(hence the mobs to kill). Imagine being there just waiting 10+ minutes for a player to come by and then you expect that player to come back and die to you over over again? Come on dude, you can't be that naive to think that is a "solution". This game is so unbalanced when it comes to PvP it ain't even fun. You're either demolishing your opponent or getting destroyed yourself, there is barely anything in between.
    no i mean ban flying mounts during murloc freedom/brakeneck brawl in those areas, like they did with black rook rumble, trying to pvp in that area is hard since every1 just sits on their flying m mounts and afks in grps and its even worse when all the mobs are dead and take ages to spawn
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    Quote Originally Posted by Baracuda View Post
    Says who, you? It's not even hard, just many butthurt raiders that need a huge numerical advantage to even bother.

    People would cry too much if this happened now but next expansion they need to go back to legendaries simply not functioning in PvP, they have high stats, that's enough.
    Seems to me it is the pvpers that spend no time seeking end game gear that want to be able to tear down players that have, and should accordingly be more powerful, that are butthurt and eliciting change. At the end of the day It really will not effect me other than the humor it brings because removing the bonuses and power that I have earned will merely also remove any chance of me flagging so that you can jump around in circles around me flapping your arms wildly demonstrating your uber skill at doing so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Easo View Post
    Yeahhhh some people can't get over the fact that oneshotting someone without him having any chance at all is not fun nor is it balanced.
    it is easily as fair as being stun locked to death, or even better having a dps player chew right through any tankiness you have built up.
    There is no Bad RNG just Bad LTP

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