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    Quote Originally Posted by Regalbeast View Post
    You would think that someone with as many posts as you would understand how this place works. You would also think that a person with as many posts as you has plenty of shit posts full of opinions and conjecture.

    Stop trying to be a cancer and just ignore threads that you don’t care for.
    Another toolbag trying to start a fight. Why don't you don't your own advice and ignore posts you don't care for? Don't come in here and with your self righteous attitude and then do the very thing you're trying to lecture me over... if there is one thing worse than a white knight, its a hypocritical white knight.

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    I forgot we're on MMO-C where every fleeting thought good or bad deserves it's own precious safe space on the internet.

    Go pound sand.

    This is blog worthy, not discussion board worthy.
    As is your post? Because these aren't even statistics you're critiquing. As clarified by OP they're ratings based on opinion, pure abductive reasoning.

    The entirety of the Internet is a safe space.
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    I suppose it's as good a time killer as any.

    While I can't truly rank them all since I have not played most of these much, I'll try to rank them primarily based on which I've liked to fumble around with the most but also the fantasy of the spec, which in the case of healing specs may be higher than rock bottom if the idea behind the spec is cool enough in my eyes since I've yet to play healer for more than 1-2 dungeons.

    1. Warrior - Fury
    2. Shaman - Elemental
    3. Demon Hunter - Havoc
    4. Warlock - Destruction
    5. Shaman - Restoration
    6. Warrior - Protection
    7. Shaman - Enhancement
    8. Death Knight - Frost
    9. Druid - Guardian
    10. Death Knight - Unholy
    11. Mage - Frost
    12. Demon Hunter - Vengeance
    13. Hunter - Survival
    14. Monk - Brewmaster
    15. Mage - Fire
    16. Rogue - Subtlety
    17. Warlock - Affliction
    18. Rogue - Assassination
    19. Hunter - Beast Mastery
    20. Monk - Windwalker
    21. Warrior - Arms
    22. Rogue - Outlaw
    23. Mage - Arcane
    24. Warlock - Demonology
    25. Paladin - Retribution
    26. Priest - Shadow
    27. Paladin - Protection
    28. Druid - Feral
    29. Paladin - Holy
    30. Death Knight - Blood
    31. Priest - Discipline
    32. Hunter - Marksmanship
    33. Priest - Holy
    34. Druid - Balance
    35. Druid - Restoration
    36. Monk - Mistweaver

    I guess that'll do for now. Generally awful with ranking things, especially when it's this much and I can't really speak much for most of them.

    But a mixture of mostly limited experience and the idea behind the specs, so voila.

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    #1 is Blood DK.
    The rest don't matter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nihilan View Post
    Wait till Ret loses Crusade in 8.x. You know perfectly well that its the only thing propping up Ret. It has been all expansion long, even after it was nerfed. Blizzard just loves to brutalize overused talents.
    It really needs to be either nerfed or removed for Ret to actually have a chance at balance.
    The Talent being way too powerfull is why we are overall crappy... We relly on it way to much for one talent.

    Madness will consume you!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by A dot Ham View Post
    Another toolbag trying to start a fight. Why don't you don't your own advice and ignore posts you don't care for? Don't come in here and with your self righteous attitude and then do the very thing you're trying to lecture me over... if there is one thing worse than a white knight, its a hypocritical white knight.
    I don't think you understand what hypocritical means....

    I'll call someone out for being a troll when I see it happening. YOU were the one who is "another toolbag trying to start a fight". Even the quote on your sig confirms your objective.

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    so hard cause so many were ruined in legion.

    most fun i've found is probably mages, warriors, druids.

    least fun is definitely ret, hunters, warlocks.

    SV least fun spec i've probably ever played.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swalload View Post
    Here is my list, I rank them on how easy to play they are:

    1. Druid - Guardian
    2. Druid - Guardian
    3. Druid - Guardian
    4. Druid - Guardian
    5. Druid - Guardian
    6. Druid - Guardian
    7. Druid - Guardian
    8. Druid - Guardian
    9. Druid - Guardian
    10. Druid - Guardian
    11. Druid - Guardian
    12. Druid - Guardian
    13. Druid - Guardian
    14. Druid - Guardian
    15. Druid - Guardian
    16. Druid - Guardian
    17. Druid - Guardian
    18. Druid - Guardian
    19. Druid - Guardian
    20. Druid - Guardian
    21. Druid - Guardian
    22. Druid - Guardianf
    23. Druid - Guardian
    24. Druid - Guardian
    25. Druid - Guardian
    26. Druid - Guardian
    27. Druid - Guardian
    28. Druid - Guardian
    29. Druid - Guardian
    30. Druid - Guardian
    31. Druid - Guardian
    32. Druid - Guardian
    33. Druid - Guardian
    34. Druid - Restoration
    35. Druid - Balance
    36. Druid - Feral
    This must be why I love my guardian Druid
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    My list mainly focus on general play (questing, random dungeons, soloing etc) and not on high level play. Rewarding gameplay (read: abilities are impactful), mobility, sustainability etc are all key factors. Specs missing are specs that I've hardly played.

    Top tier:
    Marksmanship Hunter; Good front end burst even without cooldowns, very long range, good self healing as long as you kill mobs, decent mobility, spammable ranged AoE for clearing old content.
    Frost Mage; Nice damage when you get lots of procs, okay mobility, portals.
    Guardian Druid; Decent damage (including AoE), ability to stealth, excellent survivability, excellent mobility.
    Protection Paladin; Pretty much impossible to die, good burst movement speed, Avenger's shield is awesome, active mitigation ability hits hard as well.

    Mid tier:
    Arms Warrior; Good burst, mediocre mobility (slow as a turd, movement abilities not always reliable).
    Fury Warrior; Abilities look great, great burst, mediocre mobility.
    Balance Druid; Good mobility, ability to stealth, good multi-dotting.
    Discipline Priest; Excellent survivability, good damage (for a healer).
    Blood Death Knight; Superb self healing, plays nice, very poor mobility.
    Frost Death Knight; Excellent damage, fairly self sustaining as long as you can proc the free Death Strike, very poor mobility.
    Vengeance Demon Hunter; Excellent mobility, impossible to die, apart from the flame AoE and artifact ability nothing seems to do much damage though.
    Havoc Demon Hunter; Excellent mobility, boring to play.
    Assassination Rogue; Excellent mobility, stealth, vanish, good opening burst and sustain with Marked for Death

    Bottom tier:
    Affliction Warlock; Very good sustainability, good multi-dotting, annoying build-up (both single target and AoE), poor mobility
    Brewmaster Monk; Only a few abilities to meaningful damage, survivability is the lowest of the tank specs I've played
    Protection Warrior; It's just boring
    Feral Druid; Mobility is the only thing I like about this spec. Only ability that actually feels impactful is Brutal Slash.
    Restoration Druid; Same as Feral. Mobility is good, but that's about it.
    Beastmaster Hunter; Very boring to play, pets are retarded and slow.
    Shadow Priest; too much build-up, poor mobility, very squishy *
    Survival Hunter; Too much bloat, annoying build-up, squishy, melee.

    *If Shadow Priest had something like Clarity of Power and had it's high armor back it would easily be one of the top contenders. As it stands there is nothing that makes this spec any good for the content that I do.

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    1. Frost DK
    2. Blood DK
    3. Unholy DK
    4. Affliction Warlock
    5. Shadow Priest
    6. Resto Druid
    7. Balance Druid
    8. Outlaw Rogue
    9. Everything else sucks to me right now

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