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    Question So, the next expansion we could see a planet dominated by enemies?

    Well, with the battle horde x alliance going strong, its imperative that the forces will fall, leaving both sides weaker.

    So, probably on the next expansion (yes, i know its really too early lol) we could see azeroth dominated by some enemy forces?

    i mean, since they forces will get weaker, its not going to be a big deal for some forces like legion to come and take stormwind, orgrimmar, etc, leaving horde and alliances to live in a refugee..

    like jrr tolkien story, they defeat sauron, but not destroy the ring and move forward, but sauron is arming up a army to try taking gondor and rule the middle earth (failed). if u see, their forces are weaken, this is why sauron attacks. humans are torn apart, elf dont want to join battle, while arrest dwarfs, and dwarfs are almost extinct..

    well, what your opinions?

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    That would make sense but WoW doesn't really care about making sense =/

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    An expansion dedicated to N'Zoth and the Black Empire would serve that narrative beautifully.
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    I feel like BfA will be mostly a expansion to set a big thing (possibly old godish) in the next one, makes sense at least...

    Faction wars until both sides are weak > last raid taking advantage of that setting and we for once lose to the bad guy at the end > next xpac old gods fully strike in

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    Next expansion after BfA will be none of the above or below

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