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    Warlocks What is your second DPS class


    just curious to see what you guys use for your second alt for raids or fun in general i'm undecided at the moment so lets see it.



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    I have a max level for all classes, but generally I play an unholy dk or a healer of some sort if I'm not on my lock.

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    Hunter, because just like the lock they have a token which tanks while you do the damage, making soloing content way easier.
    And Feign Death is just such a huge QoL ability, especially when you are a nightelf.
    But I play classes like rogue, dh, dk, pala too, for splitruns it's my hunter tho.

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    Yes i like hunter but i can not decide bm or mm i have bm legendaries prefer mm fun times.,.

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    Resident BM Asshole

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    Spriest/hunter. I'm into dots and pets, it seems.

    If I tank, DK. If I heal, drood for the opposite of dots.

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    Resto druid and Unholy DK
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    I play rouge, and holy paladin when i am bored

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    I have all classes to 110, but I play mostly Warlock, BM hunter and Frost Death Knight for DPS, Prot Pally for Tanking and Druid for Heals.
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    The only class i really leveled successfully to max after maining my warlock since release is a hunter. I've got a few higher level characters but most of those were from using the level boost that comes with the collectors editions. Even the Hunter feels like im just facerolling the keyboard and not really 'playing the class'.

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    Feral / Destro as mains

    Havoc as alter/mats farmer.

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    Mage/ Death Knight.

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    Arms warrior, it's nice to play a class that has cooldowns compared to Affliction
    However this is the first xpac my alt has been a warrior, it's normally a druid healer or hunter. Must be a pet/hot/dot thing.

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    I have a Mage as my go to main.

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    Death Knight - Frost
    Demon Hunter - Havoc
    Hunter - Beast Master
    Mage - Arcane
    Rogue - Subtlety
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    Enhance Shaman.
    Vengeance DH.

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