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    Fire Mage


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    Hunter, Enhancement Shaman, and Demon Hunter...they made Ret so boring this expansion I didn't even get my pally to 110.
    It's like Blizzard telling me I can't have a steak because there aren't enough cows left, but then tell me I can have as many hamburgers as I could possibly eat. That is exactly their logic with Void Elves which literally leaves no excuse as to why there can't be High Elves. - Check it out, it's enlightening.

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    Really enjoy Unholy Death Knight when not playing my affliction main, the campaign was excellent for them too.

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    Boomkin. It was my first main, now relegated to an alt rank.

    Am also levelling a Mistweaver.

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    Has the haste and fast cast requirements of Demo baked in his voidform, along with couple of dots he learned from affli.

    Requires a good ms if u wanna do crazy sht in voidform but I just love voidform mechanic!!

    Is as decenr as affli (if not situationally better) at cleave, and u can always surrender to madness for a pure ST fight... then you die. Horribly.

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    As someone who's never had an alt up until the last month, having mained only destro, with a little forced affliction, I made a mage, it's like cheating on my gf it's that much fun

    Fire is super fun to play, cooldowns, procs to react to, mobility, big nukes, big burst, big aoe, the rotation has a nice flow to it and control.

    Frost has potential, it can be fun but fuck me rng, you can cast frostbolts for days, if you hit a dry spell, unlike fire you can't force your procs. The aoe isn't great either and not as mobile, burst can be nuts though

    It's made me consider a change, I love destro, the other 2 not so much, but on a mage I enjoy fire and frost and I would imagine arcane is ok aswell

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    Arcane Mage, Because all those times playing Demo have made me a masochist I think. People keep saying fire is fun but just cant have myself to play it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Walrock View Post
    Hunter, because just like the lock they have a token which tanks while you do the damage, making soloing content way easier.
    And Feign Death is just such a huge QoL ability, especially when you are a nightelf.
    But I play classes like rogue, dh, dk, pala too, for splitruns it's my hunter tho.
    Did you just call pet a token? BLASPHEMY

    OT - Fury warr
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    Warlock - Hunter combo go hand in hand. You go full chill mode this way.

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    Pre-Legion my main alt was an Ele Shaman now it's a fury warrior.

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    I largely play an affliction lock and an elemental shaman.
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    Mage reluctantly. It was hunter for several expansions but the destruction of Survival, Marks becoming annoying to play, and my loathing of BM means my hunter is now beyond useless.

    Honestly i more actively play my disc priest as an alt than the mage though.

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    switching between Mage (frost atm) and Shadow Priest these days as alt of choice. I like Spriest, but it has the same rampup issues affliction locks have, so mage is a nice change to be able to easily target switch and go ham.

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    play a warrior on the side

    benched my shadow priest cause they cant figure out how to do that class anymore

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    druid cause its extremely versatile with the m+ but honestly i play both as mains

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    Well I play a lot of my Fury Warrior atm he is now well balanced alt around 925 il eqpped. I also play Unholy and Blood DK. At the start of legion I played a lot of Havoc / Vengeance DH. I also have my former main BM hunter. Time from time I play my monk healer. But to be honest I have time to play only main which is Warlock and my Fury warrior I enjoy now the most.

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    I've played literally every class. All class halls done, all class mounts done. So far I'm enjoying the most as a second alt is rogue. Simply because it's a change from being a range. It's nice seeing the melee perspective and hitting 12 million eviscerates. After rogue I'd say druid tank.
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    Fire mage / Spriest.

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    Havoc dh, I feel like they collab well, master of summoning demons and the master of murdering demons
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    Unholy DK and Havoc DH

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