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    Fire mage is my second class

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    I've got a lot of classes, but at 110 I have a BM Hunter and a Enhancement Shaman.

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    I have two alt, a Retribution paladin and a Demon Hunter.

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    DH. Even mained it for the past year after 9+ years of warlock, and now came back to the warlock. Could not believe that I've actually dropped it (well actually I can given how poor locks have been at the start of at least the past 2 expansions). Even though I miss the burst of the DH and dropping anything with low HP instantly and Felrush + Glide, I'm not leaving my lock ever again

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    I have been a Warlock/Mage since vanilla and that will never change. I tried a Priest but Shadow is the only semi-interesting specialization they have but one is not enough for me to devote myself to so I got rid of it.
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    Warlock. Because my hunter is my main.

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    I've been playing an enhancement shaman recently and I've been very impressed with the damage. So squishy though it's very different to playing a lock. Solo'ing rares on Argus is actually dangerous on my shaman.

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