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    Valkyrs: Sylvannas immortality

    Undead have one of the best storylines in game, if not the best.

    Been trying to make some guesses on the upcoming story, so have be re reading some of the old things in my leisure time. How many valkyrs is sylvannas left with? 5? I know she lost 1 at the top of ICC and 3 at the greymane wall.

    She had 9 atop ICC. annhylde took her place, reducing it to 8 and then all 3 died at the greymane wall. Am I missing any others?

    Also this is fairly curious:
    "The capital was suddenly under siege. King Wrynn stood beyond the burning remains of the zeppelin tower, drawing diagrams of the Undercity for his generals. He had stormed the city before; he was confident of victory.

    Within the city walls, bonfires raged. Sylvanas seethed; the Alliance was already burning the corpses. No. Wait. She tried to make sense out of the clouded vision. The few Forsaken who remain are throwing themselves into the bonfires, she realized, rather than facing their executioners." from edge of night short story.

    the king mentioned here is varian wrynn. but besides that this sounds familiar.

    Also anyone know if becomin a valkyr is limited to vrykul females. I dont think eyir is the only one that can build them/ascend them, as the lich king had multiple in his service, i dont think eyir provided him with those.
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    It actually just says King Wrynn, so it could be Anduin. Anduin has sieged Undercity now, too. If he were in full helm she wouldn't know the difference.

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    It was a vision of what would happen if she stayed dead IIRC,

    last I checked Blizz retconned it to Arthas corrupted Val'kyr, or he somehow figured out how Odyn did it.

    I don't think they HAVE to be female, but Odyn likes turning his women into ghosts or something.

    Not to mention, Major Val'kyr, apparently can make minor (temporary? not sure) lesser Valkyr, who aren't as strong.
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    You're right...least Hitler didn't try to bring back the people he killed from the dead to do his bidding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Friendlyimmolation View Post
    I don't think they HAVE to be female, but Odyn likes turning his women into ghosts or something.
    To be fair, Val'kyr are pretty thicc
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