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    Did the power creep happen before or after they got bought by Daybreak?

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    I've returned to EQ2 every now and then, and it keeps me occupied for some weeks usually, but then it just gets boring. I have never maxed a character, though, so perhaps it gets more interesting late game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stellvia View Post
    Did the power creep happen before or after they got bought by Daybreak?
    There was definitely some big power creep before EQ was bought by Daybreak (it was around Tears of Veeshan time, iirc). Big power spikes started with Sentinel's Fate.

    But it GREATLY increased with the last 3 expansions (Daybreak time). Numbers in my previous post aren't exaggerated.

    On other hand, there doesn't seem to be any big power creep in Everquest I in last few years, so I think it doesn't have much to do with acquisition by Daybreak.

    I just hope they won't go the route of WoW with "item squishes".

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    Project 1999 is the best EQ experience out there, period.
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