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    Question [WeakAuras2] Guardian Druid HUD

    Hello there!

    I'm working on an all-in-one unitframe/CD/buff-and-debuff-tracker/rotationhelper/-thing...

    I began with a level one druid, and I've added things as I've been leveling. Hitting 60 tomorrow, but what would pros like you track?

    Ironfur icon shown when castable.
    Ironfur glowing when rage-capped.
    Frenzied Regenaration shown in combat, percentage HP to be healed shown, as well as stacks.
    Weakaura Unitframe showing absorb. Made in weakaura - clickable like a normal unitframe.
    Ragebar (red) indicating when Ironfur is castable (light red) and when you're capped (white).
    Bristling Fur, Ironbark, Survival Instincts and trinket cooldowns.
    Moonfire uptime on target (purple).
    Thrash uptime on target (with stacks) (Reddish)
    Large Ironfur uptime bar (blue).
    Rotationhelper for Guardian Druid.
    Showing the best castable ability based on Icy-Veins data.
    Showing Mangle and Thrash when about to come off cooldown.
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