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    DM:N and DM:E gold farming : should Blizzard do something?

    As some of you may know, hunters were able to solo DM:N tribute runs for insane amounts of gold (100g/h if done perfectly) and mages (and some other classes, but mages did it best) were able to farm lashers in DM:E for gold aswell (although is was much less profitable, I think it was around 40-50g/h, still VERY good for vanilla)

    Back in vanilla, not many people knew about this stuff, but now everyone and their mother is going to know about it and farm the shit out of those dungeons. No one is there to disturb you while you farm, you don't have to fight for a farming spot in the open world, etc.

    This has a pretty bad effect on economy in the end, since everyone is able to farm alot of gold easily.

    I don't remember if Blizzard did something about this back in the day, but I don't think they did? So, should they make a custom change in this specific case to prevent people from mindlessly farming those dungeons or just keep it as it is?
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    As long as they're not botting what is the problem?

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    5 DM:T runs an hour never netted you 100g an hour mate. No they shouldn't do anything about itl.

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    No. If they do that I expect them to nerf mage AoE farming and Rogue pickpocketing.

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