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    Fuck no, actually havign a slot finished because you got your item was great. The same way WoW worked right until it went to shit with garbage like titanforging and random upgrades. Get a BiS drop, done for that slot. Not grind 24/7/365 for a 0.1% chance of a 0.1% chance of a 0.1% chance it upgrades 50 ilvls. I got my Tier helm, I was done for helms that tier, I got my BiS sword I was set for that tier. Not "Oh it didn't titanforge 48 times, time to run this place for another 12 months".

    All this change is doing is adding even more bullshit into the endless Artifact Power 2.0 system.
    If I could give 1 million upvotes for this statement, especially the bolded part, I would.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shad View Post
    So if somebody drop that set lets say, 900itm lvl and have 930pieces, he is FORCED to equip them to buff other people? How about no?

    WE already have the huge issue of people that equip T19 or T20 lvl 900-910 even if they have 930++ to fill those slots, BUT the tier bonus is too strong, that is a bad way to play the game.

    "Raiding myth" to feel forced to use the lvl normal-hero, set, no ty.
    Are you replying the right person? Cuz I have no idea what you're talking about

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garoh View Post
    This is my point, though. Like you said, progression raiders are there for the kill, but 4-6 weeks into progression when you've got AOTC, what's to keep your raiders motivated then? It used to be we had filling in that last BiS slot, or getting your last few tier pieces you finish your set. A good raid team wouldn't mind running over and over even when fully geared either to help the last couple of raiders fill in those spots. But what's to keep them there now?

    I realize I'm in the minority here, as I raid lead a rather small group (6-7 core raiders and we pick up a few along the way). But it's disheartening to see the small groups get shafted over and over. We used to run heroic 10 mans back in the day, but my only hope of getting us into mythics now is to recruit, and Blizzard keeps taking away everything I have to keep my raiders from losing interest.
    If it's a DPS loss it's not an upgrade now is it? That's always been part o this game, for 13 years, change for changes sake is always bad.

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    Well then...

    I guess the true "wowkiller" was WoW itself....

    I guess it was time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dromes View Post
    Are you replying the right person? Cuz I have no idea what you're talking about
    Ye was aimed to the post above yours nvm

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    "There will be one appearance per armor type per zone, but more variety across zones."

    who could have guessed that once they removed set bonuses, they wouldn't make individual class sets at all anymore. ROFL

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    no way blizzard. you're kidding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snes View Post
    So we're basically getting dungeon sets in raids now?
    Instead of having to design 12 different armor sets they now only need to design 4 (1 for each armor class).

    Kind of sucks for the transmog mixing and matching.
    Transmog is not really needed for beating demons and dragons or other players.

    The stats what counts.

    You look like what you wear..

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    Sounds like the art team is getting parred down.

    Animations delayed, fewer new assets being added to the game per tier.

    I wonder what Project Titan 2.0 is being funded.

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