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    What was the Nost petition about, exactly?

    In light of the recent events, I believe an interesting discusssion can be had on the topic of the petition that was sent by the Nost team to Mike Morhaime...

    The original petition can be found here: https://www.change.org/p/mike-morhai...raft-community

    OK, so fast forward to today and what do we have? We have a lot of pro-Classic people in favor of all sorts of changes to Vanilla, and they are claiming they wanted those changes all along. Some of them will go as far as to say "I wanted those changes back when I signed he petition". But, looking at the petition text, nowhere does it say anything about updating anything. Change is not even implied, unless you'd think the implication is the fact some pservers are re-tuning the "Vanilla experience" with stuff like gold shops, increased xp rates, etc. Anyway, deciphering the text, it seems all we were asking for back then was for Blizz to "legalize" private WoW servers (namely Nostalrius), nothing more nothing less. Or am I missing something?

    Now, another question is, should the petition have been more specific regarding changes? I don't think so as its goal was something else entirely. It seems that back then it would never even occur to anyone to sneak in an "oh and Blizz, if by any chance you get around to running Vanilla yourselves, please keep it as it was" addendum. In fact, it would never even occur to anyone that Blizz might do such a thing as run Vanilla again one day, period. So if you signed the petition, you were basically petitioning to be able to play the game as it was offered by Nostalrius, i.e. you wanted a pure Vanilla experience in the first place. So why do we now have all sorts of people proudly waving the petition banner AND clamoring for changes to Classic at the same time? Isn't it a bit disingenuous? You may as well be saying "I signed the petition but I don't care about the message of it - I just want Vanilla 2.0".

    On a related note however, claiming today (as a lot of people are doing) that the ultimate goal of the petition was to make Blizz run Vanilla, is a bit misleading too, isn't it? Reading the text, it was basically just a plea for survival of private server comminities... with a muddily worded message, poor styling and all.

    What are your thoughts on this?
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    Think of it like a job application. You need to send one first, before you have a chance at discussing terms if they get interested in it. If you refuse to even send it, because terms aren't already agreed on in advance, before they've even heard of you, then you get nothing at all.
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    Discussion of private servers that infringe copyright or the people that run them are not allowed on this site. For discussion about whether or not "Vanilla" should be changed there are plenty of threads for that.

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