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    Question Help with Details not recording hps out of combat?

    I just started using Details! about a month ago. I like it so far, except I cannot for the life of me figure out how to make it show my hps on dummies, since I do not go into combat. I have checked/unchecked every option and nothing.
    It sounds funny to say I really need it at this stage of Legion, but as I recently swapped back to Holy Priest, I do. I'm struggling with some stuff, and I'd like to practice more on the dummies rather than subjecting my fellow team members to subpar heals or "experimenting" during raid time. Not really a "happy fun time" for me or anyone at that point.


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    I think there's a "record everything" switch or something. I use Details but haven't messed with it in months.

    In the meantime, a workaround is to make sure you're in a dummy area that has a tanking dummy and toss a ranged attack at it. You will be stuck in combat as long as you stay within ~40 yards of it. Do not get within melee range, it will kill cloth in a few hits. When you're done practicing, you can break combat by running away from the tanking dummy.
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