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    Quote Originally Posted by Rupenbritz View Post
    Seriously need mods to close all threads like these, 90% of the threads are about this and they're just wrong.

    No the nostalgia isn't misguided, private servers show this.
    All private servers show us is that people would play vanilla for free instead of play nothing. People need to stop inferring that they play it because they like it. Also, it is 10s of thousands not 100s of thousands.
    If they're fighting it's our best chance to save them britches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skannerz22 View Post
    i only want vanilla
    no expansions
    burning crusade never changed at all beside flying levels so you can literally log into current wow and play 2007-2009 version of burning crusade
    Yeah, it's literally the same. Or then you never played during tbc and got no idea

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arrowstormen View Post
    Some, but people are obviously going to argue about that. WoW has moved closer and closer to a mechanically sound game and farther and farther away from an immersive fantasy in every expansion and patch, and where on the spectrum people want to be is going to vary wildly. Some might want it to go to WotLK, but others will probably want just Classic WoW, and others will want Cataclysm, MoP, etc.

    I wonder if the Classic Cult have tried DnD or another pen-and-paper RPG.
    I think the survey has a hint of the best compromise.

    Classic Server
    TBC Server
    WotLK Server
    Cata Server
    etc, etc

    Ability to copy a character from one to the next maintains each in its bubble while still offering the expansion progressions. It also interestingly, to some extent, preserves WoW at its various points in its history and in gaming's history.

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    Only Vanilla/Classic servers and that's IT!!! NO tbc, no wrath, no disgusting cata, no panda joke, no even more disgusting WoD. WoW as it was period. Maybe updated graphics but thats about it!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pateuvasiliu View Post
    You're not stealing shit if it's not available anymore. It's like you're getting mad that I have a recording of Beethoven playing piano.
    Beethoven is not a company. And okay, go on with that shit that it's not available anymore. It will be soon, lol.
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