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    Which leggos for WW?

    Hi guys,

    I see forum and other guides and they say now with 7.3 there is no specific BiS Leggo. Is that true? If so, what are the top/best combination of leggos for best DPS output in Single target and Aoe/Cleave?

    Thanks in advance. Your response is greatly appreciated.

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    I use boots + KJBW for general and open world, boots + chest for ST and fun (SEF + CJL = triple Jedi force) and boots + gloves for cleave. I'm no master in WW, so if anyone has different suggestions I'm all ears ... eyes actually.

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    I know this is a bit early. But once Antorus comes out, start aiming to have the helm ready. The interaction between the helm and the T21 2-piece makes the helm worthwhile at least for single target. The reasoning is that due to helm causing Strike of the Windlord to cause Blackout Kick! to proc, and the 2-piece increases the damage of Blackout Kick when the proc gets consumed makes the two work well together.

    Even on AoE situations, it maybe worth using as well since the 4-piece will allow for more chi to be generated for Spinning Crane Kick.
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    im still rocking DHC + Katsuo and feel good about it

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    I'm running with head/boots just because i can't imagine 3 chi FoF

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    Helm/Chest is a fairly strong combo. Helm for its interaction with t21 4set, and Chest is silly strong on its own.

    Atm im running belt/chest for raid and m+, also a strong combo, especially if you have the luxury of pre-charging the chest prior to engaging an encounter.

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    The Chest stacks clear when pulling a raid boss, so that doesn't work there.
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    Chest/bracers without 4p t21
    Chest/helm with 4p t21

    Thats what I've been using for raids (dont have 4p 21 yet)

    Mythic +

    Chest/Soul of the Grandmaster without 4p t21
    Helm/Soul of the Grandmaster when I get 4p t21 I think is go to. Chi orb+ WDP is op for dungeons

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    Surprisingly,AHR (the tanking lego trinket) also sims really high!

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    i use bracer/boots until t21 then ill switch to helm/chest prolly. not sure on chest. maybe helm/bracer cause it makes choosing set pieces easier.

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    Running 4set from Antorus together With Helm/Boots as legendaries. I cant give up the damn boots...

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