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    Mage Tower complete 10 unique dungeons

    So I just completed 10 unique mixed heroic and normal dungeons (arcway, dht, nl, sot, vh(sael), maw, eoa, hov, cathedral, brh, votw) on my druid after i completed the feral challenge and the alternate mage tower skin did not unlock. I did complete some as resto and guardian spec. I've seen many mixed answers to the following questions and wanted to get some clarification.

    Do you have to kill the last boss as the spec you are trying to get the skin for or can you be in any spec?
    Can they be any level of difficulty e.g. normal, heroic, mythic, mythic+?
    Is there any way to track your progress?
    Are there any other requirements other than completing the mage tower for the certain spec and doing the dungeons?

    Thanks in advance.

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    The specc you are doesn't matter I believe, I did the Guardian challenge, then after did Feral challenge, and did 10 dungeons as Feral and it unlocked as both, I don't think the difficulty matters, Mine were a combination of HC, Mythic, and M+, I just wrote all the dungeons down when I did it, and ticked them off as I did them, If you've done all the ones you've listed, I'm not sure what's happening!

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    As far as I know you need to kill both of the last bosses in Violet Hold to get the counter.

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    I appreciate the comments. I submitted a ticket to see whats up.

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    So I had the same problem, completed all challenges on my druid by Friday and did 10 (mixed, mostly mythic normal as Guardian, one heroic and some m+ as Balance) different legion dungeons. The Guardian, Feral and Balance skin were usable, the Restoration skin not. After that I submitted a bug and did another 10 dungeons (only m+ this time) as Resto and finally my appearance unlocked there too.

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