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    Did you play GW1? Share some of your memories!

    Greetings champions, good to see you all, as always.

    So, people that frequent this subforum know me pretty well: I really like GW2, I like GW's lore, and I love Asuras, and they're the best race okay, end of story.

    While I wait for LS4 (PoF has been quite underwhelming), I'm currently playing GW1 for the first time, thanks to my buddy @Roudene. I'm actually having a blast, the game is very different but the combat, customization and quests are very fun to mess around.

    I'd love to hear some of your stories from GW1! Share them all.

    See you soon!
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    I played GW1, but not "seriously", never did the high end stuff. I got Nightfall, but never Factions, and Eye of the North. I actually never finished Nightfall or Eye. GW1 had these really irritating nested enemies, kill one titan and he splits into two mediums, each medium splits into 2 smalls. It was so tedious. Later games used stuff like this even more. The traveling got tiresome too.

    I did love GW1, and look back on it fondly, but left before it was done (for WoW) by a long shot.

    Norn never did anything for me, still don't, and Charr were just bad guys. Asura were fun though. They really don't hit their culture/speech as hard in GW2. You might here Bookah once or twice in early stuff, then nothing. Even their history of vast underground areas is mostly discarded. Obviously the sylvari are the developers darlings, though we never did get the other Trees we should have, but Rata Novus was a ruin, Rata Arcanum it's stillborn descendant, and Rata Pten is just a heart-vendor with no payoff...
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    GWAMM here. I never really played GW1 for the lore, although I like it just never really got into it. I've actually gotten much more into the lore in GW2.

    I kind of group GW1 into two different games, before and after heroes. Especially when they made it so you could have all heroes instead of henchmen in your party, it really changed the game. Both had their pros and cons. My favorite memories mostly come early on when heroes wasn't really a thing. Can't specify one particular event but I did enjoy going through the group instances such as the Underworld, Fissure of Woe, The Deep, and even the harder "soloable" content such as Sorrow's Furnace.

    I also miss the guild related pvp such as Heroes Ascent

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    I recall waiting hours for monks to attempt the Thunderhead Keep mission back when we only had the first Guild Wars....
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    Played it semi-casually back when it launched. Beat the original campaign, was about 2/3-3/4 through Factions when I stopped playing. Picked up Nightfall and EotN a couple of years ago just to get enough stuff done to unlock 30/50 HoM points.

    Some favorite highlights include beating the tar out of my coworkers when we decided to have a group of us play the game as a team back then...only to get split up for the pvp arena match they had you do before passing through into post-Searing Ascalon.

    I don't miss the travel between camps/cities at all, though. Drok's runs, anyone? The longest 15-20 minutes ever. At least you could travel from outpost to outpost for free once you had been to them.

    The whole subclass thing was pretty interesting, too; led to all sorts of crazy builds people would come up with. The skill unlocks (for elites in particular) was rather annoying, though.

    GW1 kinda straddles the line of old school and modern.

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    More than I care to admit, my favorite memory despite loving HA and GvG is probably all the whacky builds I used in FA battles. Beating the enemy back after they got wall down was so epic. Being on defense was the most fun as an infuser or protter monk to keep lord alive. I made a troll build on ele that used water hex to slow and I remember reaching 90% slow on an enemy player, needless to say nerd rage ensued if they had no hex removal. You could also sit up top of the keep and use ranger to spread cripple and bleeding on their way in to the first entrance, iirc shooting from high elevation gave your bow more power, speed, or range. There were so many different roles and playstyles.

    Making builds exclusively to kill the monk ASAP in RA was also one of my past times, usually with sin.

    My most epic pve memory is easily HM slaver's exile, one of the most difficult pieces of content I've ever played in a game without cheesing any mechanics and using full party of players. Dhuum was really hard too and epic compared to most other fights in GW pve.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sesethi View Post
    I recall waiting hours for monks to attempt the Thunderhead Keep mission back when we only had the first Guild Wars....
    God that mission still gives me nightmares, it took me months to get past it.

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    the good old barrel farm runs were epic!

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