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    We had to stop DPS and WAND the effing bosses to not pull agro. Sweet lord and you think we did good DPS? In Naxx I could cast 3 bolts before needing to Life tap because of the insane mana cost.

    Shees, people obviously never raided as warlocks.
    Had to step in here.

    First off. If we're talking about prior to Zul'Gurub we sure did horrible dps but after with all the spell hit coming into picture spellcasters did become way better from earlier tiers where Rogues, Hunters, Dps warrs had many ways to gather hit from and more or less being over softcap with hit. Out of the spellcasters frostmages was the lucky spellcaster with 6% from talents to have a glance in the dps war.

    If we're checking in various of fights with high movements or a typical dps race such as Patchwork you can clearly see a true potential of what a Warlock can succeed with.

    Patchwork aka root yourself and nuke AF:

    Heigan with high movement during fight:

    Gluth aka add fight:

    So in short. They ain't that good in early vanilla but a beast when you get hit-gear.
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    dont discuss changes on this forum, you will only be bombarded by "purists" and jerks that says "THEN ITS NO VANILLA, YOU DIDNT EVEN PLAY CLASSIC OR WANT THE SERVER". the only issue i had was with the soulshards, but guess we will have to live with it!
    Well as you can see each individuel wants his own change in classic, this will cause a snowball effect if dev start listening to suggestions like that, that's why the NO CHANGES, it's better to not change a thing, otherwise they will change everything. Hell, most of the suggestion are actually bad like changing threat...I mean as a Fury Warrior I was an aggro magnet, that doesn't mean I want threat to be easy to manage again, threat being hard to manage and having a tank that know how to do threat is actually fun and hehe yup: part of vanilla!
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    However mages, hunters and rogues all bring utility too, maybe not as much, but don't seem to suffer the same issues.
    Mages, sure (water and portals).
    But hunters and rogues ? Wut ?

    (also, mage had the exact same aggro problem)

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    But wasnt the mob required to give experience/honor to generate a Soul Shard? meaning you'd have to grind on level 54+ targets at 60, I'm not 100% sure, my memory of that time is rather foggy
    I spent hours farming soul shards from the invisible ghosts in Duskwood so yes it did need, no idea how horde handled it with nearest zone to them is Azshara a desert of zone for mobs
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