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    argus campaign

    call me weird but honestly i have no motivation to play through the argus campaign at all...

    after spending so long in suramar on the seemingly never ending quest chain to finish pathfinder
    for flying going to argus and being stuck on ground mount the whole time just feels like a waste
    of time.

    i cant be the only one that is boycotting it completly?

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    Argus made me unsub. Not because of flying per say, I just don't like the zone in general.

    So nah, it's not just you.

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    Legion content after 7.1.5 was . . . poor. Argus is at least a massive loot pinata so that's its saving grace. I am hoping the Antorus raid ends up surprising me

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    I played through it with my main. Tried it with an alt, but made me almost want to vomit, so I stopped midway and never went back.

    It has a lot to do with not beeing able to fly, because it's a horrible place to navigate. I understand the 'history' about the place, but that isn't helping the fact, that I don't like it.

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    Did it on 6 chars so far took me 1.5 hours on my last alt to do the whole thing incl the instance.
    Not sure what people are moaning about, takes no time, quests are fun & the last island is beautiful.

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    It is WAAAYYYY shorter than Suramar. Heck, as far as I remember, it's not even as long as one of the Legion zones. Doing it on one character doesn't take that long. Doing it on 15...

    Also, you really do want that Netherlight Crucible open to your account if you don't have it...
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    No flying sucks. Specially with the amount of mobs in the zones. But the upgraded "whistle Thing" helps alot when Out there doing WQs
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    Argus is more a feeding tray for the people who aren't ready for Antorus, or who wants to try raiding. Still, it is like its previous versions, the end zone.
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