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    Brewmaster and PvP

    I would like to know why Brewmaster seemingly has a bad reputation in pvp. My experience with it has been pretty good, to the point where I’ve been lucky enough to get the 10 rbg skin (will never do that again, stressful). Don’t get me wrong, you’ll never burst anyone down. Ever. However, when I guard/grab a flag with a healer or a dps, no one gets that flag unless they come like grouped up 6:1. Guard and Hot Trub is a hell of a combination. Ring of Peace around the flag or in the tunnels of WSG/TP is awesome. Also serves as a useful knock off at LM for AB. Then there’s ox kick, visually nothing short of the best kick ever. Literally, kicking someone backward over your head. Gnome punting is an actual thing. And flag carrying is awesome too.

    So what gives? I tell folks about this and they look at me like I have three heads.

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    I don't have such experience with BrM myself. It feels like playing dps class instead of a tank. I mean some people would prefer it this way, but I really like being annoying as possible and unkillable (no shit, Sherlock) and damage done is not the most important part to me. But this is just my preferences.

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