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    Quote Originally Posted by Shibito View Post
    good luck
    Thanks. :P I'm probably not going to raid, so I won't really need to worry about "my spot".

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    Sorry but i will stay with my warrior/priest.

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    Your best weapon is a PvP weapon.
    Your best helm is a lvl 40 item.
    Your best tanking weapon is a lvl 43 item.
    Your best trinket is a quest reward.
    Your best tanking ring from MC is not good for warriors.
    Your 2nd best tanking ring is a quest reward.
    Your best gloves are from pvp ranking, not raiding.
    Your best boots are from pvp ranking, not raiding.
    Your best legs are from WSG exalted, not raiding.
    There is no tier set conflicts.
    Do you have the actual item names? I've been a Druid since BC and plan on staying on for Classic. =) Would be cool to start planning things on pen and paper (even if it's really far off).

    Thank you!

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    No sir not druid again. I was druid all the time during till black temple. God my friends deceived me with the exact sweet words.
    It is true that my resto druid was like indispensable but I hated it. Heal heal heal heal nothing else. I haven't seen my %100 speed kodo for ages. even when I bought it it was thanks to guild members donating money. i was revered in raids, bgs,dungeons but I hated healing I hated it so much. Then I rolled a warrior once and for all. best decision ever.

    then again the short time I played as feral cat, I enjoyed ravaging players who are sitting,eating in silithus. This time i will be rolling a rogue.

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    but I hated healing I hated it so much.
    Then.. Why did you heal?

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    I do like the idea of leveling a druid. I'd probably heal though

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vayra View Post
    Then.. Why did you heal?
    You didnt have a choice for most of vanilla. People saying you did obviously base all their experience on private servers with Pre-BC patch. As someone who played a release druid, I was pretty much a heal bot for the entirety of vanilla until pre-BC. Honestly, all classes that had heal specs were. I remember rolling an alt on a new server for something different, trying to go Spriest when they got their big buffs. Still forced to heal if I actually wanted to do something; even BGs, because back then BG's were server only so you had to get in a group, and groups didnt take Spriests even after the buffs.

    Thats why when I hear all these stories of people talking about how they did this and that in vanilla, I have to wonder if its on Private servers because I never got to do anything but heal on classes that could, during my time in vanilla. When BC rolled around, things changed.

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    I really love you post. Kudos for the amount of work went into it. I've always wanted to play a Druid. And you give some really spectacular points. Especially agree that guilds will look for you. I know we did in Vanilla.

    For me personally I always hated druids for one simple fact. There shape shifting I thought always took away from all the work required to get the gear. Just to throw a blanket over it and let no one see it. I know it's absurd reason why i dont like Druids. But its something i cant seem to get over.
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    Quote Originally Posted by solarfallz View Post
    What the goddamn
    Mages are absolutely brutal to level in vanilla. You can kill like 2 mobs before you go oom and have the lowest base hp in the game, and no amount of free 5-levels-too-low water/food will change that.
    Err... No ?
    Mages aren't brutal at all to level. They have the best CC, the best AoE and on-demand slow. Obviously they aren't as easy to level up as hunter or warlock, but they are still in the "easier" category. FAR easier than warrior and quite easier than rogues, at the very least.

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    Quote Originally Posted by solarfallz View Post
    You couldn't effectively AOE level for the entirety of Nostalrius' lifetime.
    That's because Nostalrius had retardedly high population cap (four times higher than retail Vanilla).
    And on a PVP server you can easily get boned during aoe pulls.
    That's true of every single class, nothing specific to mages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soisoisoi View Post
    For me, Frost Mage was honestly one of the easier casters to level (obviously Lock being the easiest overall caster, with only Hunter topping that).
    My experience as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by solarfallz View Post
    Mage is incredibly slow due to having no actual mana conservation mechanics and below-level conjured water.
    Mage kill very quickly and can drink at will. It's better than most other classes, which don't have as easy access to food and usually take much more time to kill a mob. Frost mage is pretty mana-efficient and doesn't need to drink that often.
    Also, there is several ways to increase mana regeneration, which are simply not used enough because people have a tunnel vision on "DPS" and overlook them (spirit, mage armor, speccing at least temporarily into arcane concentration/meditation).

    Mage is everything but slow.

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    I will be a druid I was until I quit in cata

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    Because spamming Mark of the Wild on the group and waiting to cast Innervate on an oom Priest is an easy way to make a raid living... Don't expect to feel special outside of that, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eleccybubb View Post
    Reasons why I shouldn't...

    Because I want to play what I want. Not what is the best
    That's nonsense! What about efficiency? What about farm and the eternal raid clearing race? You have to play t fotm or nothing! You have to constantly monitor simulations and icy-veins to make sure you're using the most efficient build! It doesn't matter what you want to play. It doesn't matter what's fun! You have to the ultimate efficient farming machine! That is the only way!


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    Tempting, although warrior/priest are interesting me more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xcoatsyx View Post
    Tempting, although warrior/priest are interesting me more.
    I suspect that at the start, the servers will be full of warriors, priests, mages and rogues. However I have serious doubts that many are going to stick to warriors and priests for long as soon as they realize what's expected from them, namely tanking and healing, nothing else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naralix View Post
    As someone who used to play rogue and then later with WotlK DK all the way to Legion and has now played druid on Vanilla extensively, here are some good reasons for you to roll Druid when Classic comes out:

    - Druids are the easiest class to level after Hunters and Mages.

    You are not gear dependant and you have little to zero downtime and selfheal. You also get travelform and catform movespeed at level 20 to get around easily ontop of aquatic form for all the annoying water related things.

    - Until level 55 you are able to join every dungeon group no matter what role they need.

    DPS? You can join. Heal? You can join Tank? You can join. You can perform on all of these roles in feral specc and with bad gear until the endgame dungeons.

    - Druids are no longer limited to healbots in modern vanilla.

    People have found ways to massively power up feral DPS through wolfshead helm and nonstop powershifting, putting Feral DPS on around middle of the pack with other DPS classes that aren't fury warriors and rogues. In the same specc, you will also be working as an offtank even in MC. And as such you are a midtier DPS who is also offtanking and provides raid utility in innervate, battlerezz and critbuff.

    Moonkins, just like elemental shamans are an accepted DPS in the latestage of Vanilla. AQ40 is what provides both Shamans and Druids with optimized gear to perform as caster DPS when racking up on demonic runes for mana sustain and likewise keep on par with most vanilla DPS classes.

    - Druids are the least played class

    Druids are tradionally the least played class on every vanilla server. This means a few things for you.

    - You have little to zero loot competition during raids.
    - You are highly wanted in raiding guilds even if druids are not a toptier class.
    - You are highly wanted for PvP ranking premades as a flagcarry.
    - You stand out more across the playerbase and will find recognition faster if you are a good player, in the community based game that is Vanilla WoW. Since there is very little druids, being a good player will make you stick out highly from the mass.

    - Druids is -THE- easiest class in Vanilla to gear up

    Wtf what are you talking about you need gear for 3 different speccs???

    Druids as a class are all over the place. Even if you have access to Naxx and AQ40 gear, your best items. Items that you will FOREVER continue using as they are BiS are often lowlvl items, PvP items and quest rewards.

    If you play a druid, you can obtain anywhere of 20 and 40% of your BiS gear in the first few months of classic coming out. Items you will NEVER replace, ever again because they are better than anything you can get even from Naxx or AQ40.

    Among them is a level 43 epic staff world drop, you can just buy from the AH. Being the best tanking weapon in the game.

    The best tanking ring for you is a blue item quest reward and a ring from MC.

    The best trinket you will keep using forever is something you get in the first days of hitting 60 from Onyxia attunement.

    The best gloves and boots are from getting PvP rank 12 which is very achievable compared to rank 14.

    The best helmet is a level 40 blue item any tribal leatherworker can make for you, so good its better than T6 helm into TBC.

    The best DPS weapon, you basically get by hitting exalted in AV since weapon DPS is irrelevant for druids in vanilla. This means unstoppable force is equal to toptier/highend weapons for druids and the list goes on.

    - Druids are a good class to make money with

    Mages, Rogues and Hunters are the unquestioned topdogs for goldmaking in Vanilla. But druid follows right after, being able to farm things such as Maraudon Princess which is a common farmmethod also for rogues, hunters and warlocks, putting out about 30-40 gold per hour. Ontop of being able to gather herbs easily with travel form and the tauren racial.

    - You have the best mount in the game the first weeks into Vanilla

    Having played during 3 different vanilla realm launches, it usually takes a good while before epic mounts are something you see commonly or even at all.

    If you are optimizing your leveling and playtime, you are going to achieve PvP rank 8 in the first few weeks of the server launch.

    This means you get access to the druid pvp set, boosting your movement speed in forms by 15%. Now adding the movespeed enchant on your boots, puts your travelform at 63% movement speed. In other words, you are as fast as people are mounted with Carrot on a Stick.

    Except that other players can not mount in combat. Have a 3(!) second casttime to mount up in vanilla and get dismounted when touching water or getting dazed.

    If you play a flagcarry during this brief period of vanilla, it also means that players can never catch up to you as you are holding the flag since you run faster/equal than they do.

    If all of these reasons have not convinced you to roll druid, heres two amazing PvP videos that will show you that druids are anything but bad in modern vanilla PvP.

    Balance Druid World PvP

    BG Flagcarrying + Walljumps + Feral Druid WPvP

    (Skip to 1 minute)
    True, the wolfshead helm is actually amazing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiedzemir View Post
    I suspect that at the start, the servers will be full of warriors, priests, mages and rogues. However I have serious doubts that many are going to stick to warriors and priests for long as soon as they realize what's expected from them, namely tanking and healing, nothing else.
    I agree. Tanking isn't for everyone, nor is healing.

    Personally I am hyped to tank in that fashion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soisoisoi View Post
    I'm still waiting for you to actually reply to the part that matters, I'll reiterate:

    You CAN AoE farm where and when possible; this is not always possible, it has nothing to do with the main point of these replies. AoE farming was brought up to show you that Mages definitely can survive multiple mobs and don't have to drink after 2 mobs for 40 seconds like it's somehow any different to other casters.

    You CAN kill mobs 1v1 very easily, and it definitely isn't "brutal" relative to other classes. <<<< this is the point myself and Naralix was making.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Soulwell View Post
    By this logic since some humans can fly a plane that means I can just step into one, hop into the pilots seat and start flying right?
    The hell are you even talking about? I'll make it simple since... well, people here seem to be simple:

    Mages are by far one of the easiest classes to level, exceptions being Warlock and Hunter. They are far from brutal. The end. No need to talk about planes and AoE farming and other junk, that is the answer to the original post which started this.

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