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  • YES! I blame Cata for Everything!

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  • NO! Cata did nothing wrong! Classic Servers would still have happened.

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  • I Want Classic Servers to be up to Wrath

    34 27.87%
  • Classic Servers shouldn't even exist

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    Quote Originally Posted by jakeic View Post
    TBC was not without fault, but it certainly was the best wow experience. I honestly can't think of anything that I hated that the TBC included, badge gear was not all that great if I remember correctly and more served as a jumping off point for alts, and epic honor gear served very little purpose in pve aside from possibly a weapon. I actually enjoyed the arena, battlegrounds lost their luster with cross realms (don't get me wrong here, battlegrounds were better without the 2 hour queue times, but they lost something when you no longer knew who you were fighting). I suppose I was not a fan of the flying mount.

    The thing about TBC that I disliked was that I felt like it was missing that larger than life feeling that vanilla had, which was cultivated by the things others mentioned here (multiple zone quests, crazy dungeon quest chains, epic quests for classes, sprawling dungeons, etc). The other part that seemed missing was that since the Outlands were only featured in the expansion of WC2, much of the experience felt hallow to me, as I was familiar with the world of vanilla wow from playing previous Warcraft games. It probably didn't help that all the zones felt disjointed, as you have a barren wasteland of hellfire next to zangamarsh and it's crazy mushrooms.

    At the time, I remember being incredibly excited for WotLK. I had not been following to closely to the news at the time, however I felt like TBC had brought about some great changes and the beginning of the expansion was a lot of fun and that certainly blizzard would be moving away from some of the less favorable aspects of the later TBC patches and breathe fresh life into the game. However, we got WotLK with its awful Naxx knock off and DKs. So I pretty much blame WotLK for everything.

    Ideally, I would prefer TBC servers over vanilla servers, classes fit together better and played smoother, while also offering some great raids (Kara and BT and Sunwell) while still offering a pvp experience that isn't completely meaningless and forgotten. But starting wow classic at TBC seems like an odd choice.
    I think what really differentiated Vanilla and BC from Wrath was that the first two definitely followed a consistent approach all the way through while Wrath seemed like a completely different game at the end than it was at the beginning. The whole model of "10 man is normal, 25 man is heroic with loot one tier ahead" lasted for precisely zero tiers, and by the end we had four difficulty levels of ICC with the predictable gear inflation that ensued.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cæli View Post
    well as far as I know it's really no, I cleaned all tbc and wotlk content + cata except archeology that I hadn't finished
    Nice, thanks.
    Tried to dig through some old files and removed quests myself I didn't find anything either.
    Let's hope nothing will be lost from WoW ever again.
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    I agree that it slowly started during BC, at least the game was still overall hard. WoTLK was when everything turned easymode from the start (cough Naxx in greens, easy heroics, at least we had hard modes but it was still easy that you could pug Hard modes...that was a first). Cata made 1-60 much easier, heroic dungeons were fun and challenging enough...until they nerf them because people complained (damn you noobs...)
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    Quote Originally Posted by BanHammer View Post
    Do you think some would even scream for Vanilla today?

    No revamped zones/quests etc. just usual progression

    Many view Cataclysm as the culprit of WoW's decline. What do you think?
    Cata is the biggest single culprit. Before that, I could always check back to low-level zones for some nostalgia and then they were taken away.

    But of course much of Vanilla had been chipped away... The Cataclysm revamp was just more sudden, drastic and visible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akka View Post
    I think it was WotLK which was the culprit, Cataclysm just cemented the deal.
    Yep, that's pretty much who I feel about it too.

    WoTLK brought:
    - LFD
    - Massive nerf to content. Mobs in world got nerfed not once, but twice. Faceroll leveling content started in WoTLK, not Cata
    - Many modes for same content. 4 modes of ToC say "hi"
    - Achievements. Seemed like fun at beginning, but it was start of "link achiev or no inv!!!" stupidity. In long term it created more problems than helped

    Cataclysm just followed trend set by WoTLK.
    Quote Originally Posted by Metzlsepp-Antonidas
    Meanwhile ...

    Nomi opens up a new kitchen in Darnassus.

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    Cataclysm did change alot of zones, but other than that, the game has been changing gradually for many years, and even if cata hadnt changed the zones, there would still be almost as many, if not as many, requests for vanilla realms.

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    Including the revamped Naxx with the WotLK launch set the precedent for Blizzard to remove content from the game. If I'm not mistaken, BC pretty much left all the old world content alone and retained the same 1-60 experience, with all of the abilities and talents being tacked on to the existing trees, though I suppose you could have started using the 41 pt talents at level 50. However, I don't really remember anyone going out of their way to do Vanilla stuff during BC, you still needed a decent size group to clear it and because transmog was still a ways off there was little reason to bother with it. Also, a lot of the content required grinding rep which was pretty much impossible in BC because old world rep gains were penalized at 70.

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