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    European Union to consider ban on Hearthstone

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    Clickbait title is clickbait.
    It's not saying it wants to ban the game outright. it's saying it wants to ban lootboxes.
    Also there is already a thread on this here: And so it begins Battlefront 2 Overwatch Being Investigated By Gambling Authority
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    Banning loot boxes is a good idea in my opinion. It's basically unregulated gambling aimed towards minors. It's completely unethical and is killing the gaming industry.
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    Since the article has been debunked (The update to it even confirms that it was a bad translation, and they're still looking into it), and also doesn't even mention the European Union overall, it's just one person calling for it, or banning Hearthstone, I'm going to close this here.

    As Lycanhero linked though, there is that thread, and this one-

    Discussing these topics in the Video Game discussion forums, which are far more suitable to this topic than here, due to more people to discuss it with, and being more of a general topic than actually targeting Hearthstone at the moment.

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