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    I'm so relieved that legendaries will be gone, expecting and waiting for one to drop is so infuriating, even more so than getting a "useless utility legendary". Legendary system was fun for a while but now I'm completely burnt out of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Totes View Post
    I think he's confusing Legendaries and Artifacts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ash123 View Post
    In BfA Blizzard is going to do another major overhaul on class design so many features added by leggos/artifact weapons that become essential to your class might become the baseline.

    What I will miss is the utility leggos. With Sephuz's Secret and legendary plate boot my slow paladin can run like 50% faster, which is so nice for farming old raids.
    They have already said they aren't doing anything major to classes taht they are happy with where they are at... so wouldn't count on it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by huth View Post
    I think he's confusing Legendaries and Artifacts.
    Yep, and the thing is you will be able to obtain artifact appearances bar 2 post Legion, so they will probably "stay in your bags" just lose the powers. Probably on pre patch as a part of class preparation for next expansion.

    Legendaries might lose power as well, first as a part of levelling up (similar to WOD ring / MOP cape), and some time later they could completely deactivate these even inside level scaled content, as they did with pre-WOD tier sets since they didn't want to go rebalance them for twinking (and some of these referred to spells no longer existing or drastically changed).

    But I don't think you'd lose them as a "transmog item".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Totes View Post
    I think it's one of the Q&A/interview during blizzcon cause everybody asked what will happen with legendaries and they said they have something in plan with them and we won't have them anymore and we'll see about it in prepatch if I recall correctly .

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    7.0 made all classes pretty dull as it turned out we would be balanced to have interesting gameplay once we were with our artifacts and legendaries. Come 8.0 I think they'll have to add some salt and pepper into the baseline design of the classes instead since artifacts won't be staying. Mind you the legendary idea will be carried over in another form (that necklace and so on) so I'd expect our characters to still feel a bit stale during leveling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elanies View Post
    In legion i used to play several classes and got 5-6 leggies per favourite specs. And something came to my mind. How will i play my favourite spriest without 2 stacks of Mindblast? Or my hunter with average cd for Trueshot. Leggies gave our classes and specs some flavour. And acc to developers they're not gonna change classes much. But without particular legendaries some classes are really well a mess...
    Hate to think that blizz will be so damn stupid to take away items that made gameplay actually fun and give us nothing to replace it (the neck doesnt count, it sounds more like tier bonuses bank to me).
    What do u think? Will you miss any legendary items on ur char?
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    legendary effects are implemented inside the levels of the neck. also if they managed to come up with a fun way to play a certain class thanks to a leggo, it is safe to say they can come up with more fun ways to play it in a different way.

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    Most of the important artifact and legendaries passives will become baseline.

    I don't really like the fact that each class will keep the same gameplay from 8.0 to 9.0 though (no sets, no major talent tree evolution, no legendaries, no bonus anywhere).

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    I still use old leggies cloak ring in time worp dungeon so it will be still useful

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    basically the specs that are completely dependent on certain legendaries to be viable will be broken until at least 8.2, probably 8.2.5, then they will fix them and people can play the class they want again

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ash123 View Post
    In BfA Blizzard is going to do another major overhaul on class design
    No they aren't.

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