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    Quote Originally Posted by Erinhia View Post
    I can't wait for WoD to come out, it looks so good!
    Its gonna be the best expansion up to date! Can't wait for my own house and to be able to farm there!!

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    All the new models are terrible. The animations included.
    Thank god Vanilla is on it's way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theprejudice View Post
    Except it's still there.
    in wod you had a choice between old models vs new models

    in legion you have a choice between new models vs new models with old facial models stretched over the new head shape

    so yes, the "option" is still there, but the choice between old and new models is not

    Quote Originally Posted by Dekkers View Post
    All the new models are terrible. The animations included.
    Thank god Vanilla is on it's way.
    going to be fun playing undead again without constantly being reminded of how shit the new undead models are

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    Only issue I have with the newer model imo the faces are less unique to eachother , while obviously much better detailed/facial expressions etc.

    Maybe it's just the eyes almost all have the same exact shape.

    Also I feel not having skin color change in barber shop limits the options as well, especially for Dwarf/Human which can look drasticly different depending on darker/lighter skins due to contrast.
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    I like the new faces, even so I had to race-change my human females simply because the way they run now looks so incredibly odd.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonol View Post
    TL;DR: OP lives under a rock.


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    Don't bring this Bullshit up again if you can't even be constructive about it...

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    Above comparison is just of random old (may be NPC) textures with artcraft (with a picture, by the way ugly anyway, it's not how stuff realy look like). This is clearly not fair. Here is a fair comparison without regard to external light (environment, NPC face is on the middle).
    Therefore, yes, new models are ugly, but not only human females, they all are. Problem is that people always compare textures/polygons quality/quantity (whatever) for some reason, when this isn't directly artist's work - it's just indicator of better toolkit. Here's an example of more fair comparison for showing shortcomings from another game:<Bad Bioware Original> I already mentioned it here in the bottom of message. So, for face it's its shape, shape and size of the head and fact that comparison should be approximately in the same quality of technological execution.

    Ie they should be compared at the same tech level, especially faces. Here's what did one of... well, now I can already say "one of my friends" (I edited its original (left face; it's here on right side, outside of custom constructor, looks great even without any photoshop) in photoshop a bit with author's permission so that proportions (face vs elements size) become a little more consistent with old model - warlock said that it suits even better now):

    old - clean smooth soft-pointed but looks wide face/head shape and sane size (in relation to face) face elements,
    new - dirty angular looks narrow trapezoid face/head shape and oversized (in relation to face) face elements.
    (I'll just use links for other pictures further so they take less place)
    comparison isn't ideal, but was made to emphasize difference between original and new. Author's quote concerning this(own) from EU-forum:
    chin isn't rectangular, big square rear wall of the jaw isn't looming behind cheeks, eyes aren't bulging, no debris on the face, polite cosmetics, face (eyebrows, lips), cheeks, cheekbones and nose. E-e-excellent picture! (mb only looks younger, but kunoichi is 12-14 years old girl in BDO, so it's difficult to make adult face for her)
    Ie, differences in face shape are obvious (new model, unlike the old one): bulged-in cheeks, very high stupid eyebrows and too flat brow ridges, large ugly eyelids (which should be visible only! when needed, with being all time inside the head for not bothering face), too many unnecessary details on face that emphasize wrinkles, big nose, ugly curved lip shape, too wide mouth (especially in animations), high underlined angular cheekbones, big square head with broad almost completely bald forehead, low wide angular jaw, elongated trapezoidal face, blunt chin, big eyes with ugly big eyelashes (over-thick, seems like she have hairy eyes), many incomprehensible spots (diathesis/mud), too bright cosmetics etc, also it's clear discrepancy of facial expression in this particular comparison (left is almost perfectly capture original one). I think it's not necessary to mention that new model's hair color is completely different from original (1st post picture) one

    I suppose <such> exactly face shape/geometry would much better fit to original (because of less pointy chin), but, as I understand, warlock's comparison was made before this class was added into the game.

    New models looks 45-50 years old (all much older, not just human), it's enough to look at Jaina (she has cleaner face in cinematic, but with the same drawbacks as new models, and you shouldn't doubt that she even worse in game), but it's really clear that she is far from young already in her case (by the way, if you didn't notice, she uses standard 4 face, I understand that they're almost have no differences, but there are such elements like eye color for ex. it's just more stretched wide and chin was drawn). Another attempt at reconstruction <not so old 1> and in game <not so old 2+3+4> for the same face (a little worse catch of old Blizzard face expression, but its geometry much better), more random faces <very old> <new>, also attempt to point <very old> to discrepancy of posture and pose Blizzard's new models have. We have discussed here a lot stuff of what concerns faces and posture/proportions very long time ago in NE.fem. thread.

    If take it globally, up here alredy have mentioned quite ugly and incompatible to old animations (both movements and facial ones, which aren't clearly understandible why been added - they are simply disgusting and uncontrollably cartoony amplified) and proportions (even hips are slightly wider - this is a fact, this is due to construction feature of new body geometry): <general information>, <idle>, <a little more about animations>, <faces and face animations> from the same author (my similar comparisons can be found in signature). Even colors and forms of hairstyles have been chosen wrongly (a lot simple once have nothing to do with old, why to change even this?): <hair> (I think that some stuff here isn't accurate, but it doesn't matter, the essence is main part), <little about makeup>. And they continue changing stuff even like pets.

    If you want comparisons right in the game (with light and environment), here's an example of such old pictures: <for NPC>, <for players> (funny remark in this last picture - new human.fem. face look almost like old dwarf.fem.) But this what people think about and expected to see when they talked about new models:
    I don't already remember where it first appeared (on EU or US).

    Why do I cite these examples and references? Warlock posted all material just before leaving game forever in very convenient form for navigation <a lot of links>, here <a lot of pictures> you can find many pictures (these works belong to more than one person, these are copies from threads discussed these issues - there are also my pictures, and many others from different forums) put for convenience in one link. It's difficult now to find something concrete in numbers of topics that began created since first artcraft appearance, but everything is in one place here and much less problems with finding stuff. For my case - I've crammed all into one message (which you can find in signature) so I can't give links to specific part of it, didn't think about it at the time, but I'm too lazy to re-do it now and also because noone care about this anymore

    Ie, once again: I totally agree with OP - they're terrible, but they're terrible to the same extent as all other new models and their main drawback, that they+ don't correspond to concepts of old models. Even Blizzard agrees with us in this matter, because this was the reason for adding toggle, but it wasn't fair for us. So, many of us, who were concerned with this, left game back in WoD and rest did the same already in Legion when toggle become absolutely obviously wrong.

    BUT!!!, this horse died, it was already eaten by worms and wind blew ashes to the desert (this horse died exectly when they introduced their sh*y toggle, almost immediately in WoD pre-patch and our attempts to revive it within first 3-4 months of expansion before our departure from the game no way helped it) - and this is what I completely agree with those who have already mentioned it above (links with a myriad of old discussions can be found in my signature and a little here also Edit: here list about stuff from one of resent threads on US)

    ...such a sad story.

    And now directly for author of this topic.
    I completely agree with previous speaker in this sense - OP didn't participate in discussion at all, no any examples or weighty arguments, but simply threw thread with message to the forum like bone to dogs "Catch it, fight for it!" Sorry, but this is decidedly trolling.

    ps. If you really do care, then unfortunately the only place where there is struggle for old models/absence of toggle is in Classic discussions.
    Also, customization's conversation and order of priorities, when you want to do job properly. Also about plot&appearance coherence here. Animations'(effects) discussions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ascius View Post
    You've had quite a nightmare here... relax, it's ok, a few years gone past we're in a different expansion and what looks to be a new drought incoming soon.

    Back on topic: I think it could have been done better, but it's still lightyears ahead of the original one... and they even managed to fix weapon scaling while they broke one for belfs
    the breaking of the belf weapon scaling was intentional. i can't put into an mortal language how goddamned fucking stupid people are for wanting these idiotically huge weapons. also, that change wasn't added until 7.2, for both human female and belf.

    i've always been annoyed that human female didn't get that plain, neutral face she has in the preview.

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    We humans are the ones who fucking pay for their subs, so they'd better make us look better or I'll quit this goddamned game.

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    Blame WoD's rushed same face content.
    Look at the Fem Taure/ They ruined her so much with it. Can't stand the perma-smile on them and the overly large tabards.
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    If they would add eye liner, eye shadow, and some lipstick (different shades for each face) it would make each human face unique! They could keep all the eye shapes the same, seriously a little natural makeup goes a long way, we dont need to have any crazy hooker make up, just some natural tones. OR add a make up option in the an extra feature like earrings, tattoos ect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alkizon View Post

    That's exactly what I was saying about before. The new models aren't the "old models" revamped, they're totally new, the resemblance is really small.

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    I have always thought the human females then and update have always been beautiful.

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    Humans got a raw deal with the new models.

    My rogue look like a dirtier version of this guy with different hair.

    With the new models he now looks like this.

    Now does this guy look like someone who is good at backstabbing..... wait a moment....

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    Blizz did a rarely good job at making the old look like the new. Some of the old models look they have... problems.

    The edit in that one photsop DOES look better with a bit more eye shadow.

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    Doze boobs and dat ass though, it's always a pleasure logging my human mage, shes hot!

    While we're on it, did they increase the size of the night elves boobs in Legion? I swear they are bigger now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doffen View Post
    Doze boobs and dat ass though, it's always a pleasure logging my human mage, shes hot!

    While we're on it, did they increase the size of the night elves boobs in Legion? I swear they are bigger now.
    +1, human grills have best model, IMO - right things at the right places as opposed to all these other amazons or anorexia stricken sticks or frikkin animals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doffen View Post
    While we're on it, did they increase the size of the night elves boobs in Legion? I swear they are bigger now.
    Night Elf boobs are bigger every expansion, and Onyxia deep breaths more too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Erinhia View Post
    Night Elf boobs are bigger every expansion, and Onyxia deep breaths more too.
    Wasn't there some boobgate like 2-3 years ago related to some game?

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