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    Please Help with Improving Enh DPS

    Hello all,

    I've been playing Enhancement since BC, but I took a long break from Cata to WOD and returned this year. I'm used to old priority with BC/WoLK. What else can I do to improve my DPS?

    I can't post any links yet apparently. Here are the IDs of the warcraftlogs.

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    Hi Netsukia,

    Just doing a fast skim of your setup, to my eyes, there doesn't seem to be anything majorly wrong. You have the eye/glove combo. You use the Ascendance talent (one could argue that the ES talent could be better in some scenarios).
    You are running with 150 gems, which could be bumped to 200 gems instead. Depending on your sim levels, perhaps exchange the agi gem to a secondary attribute gem.

    For basic rotation and CD checks, you can see a quick overview at checkmywow. It's not perfect, but gives some indication on often missed items. I took the Goroth fight logged a day ago as an example here. The only apparent items I could see is that you missed one DW cast and I think you placed frostbrand on the boss at a point as well.

    Check of Mythic sisters. you are missing 4 (!) DW cooldowns.

    How about your sims? Do they favor mastery heavily at in your current gear?


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    Thank you for the reply, Betjent.

    Right now, with the Eye/Gloves combo, sims favor Vers > Crit > Haste > Mastery. When I was using Farseer/Gloves combo, sims would favor Crit > Haste > Vers > Mastery. I do need to get my timing on DW right. Sometimes, I don't see my WeakAuras for it finish. I just moved to a new server so I have no access to my alts gems, but I'll be getting the 200 gems soon.

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    Besides the items I've listed, the main dps increase is simply - be next to the boss to optimize dps. You probaly already know this, but it is hard to discern directly from logs without using a lot of time.
    Enhancement shammies aren't based on resource gain energy when away from boss, we generate while on boss. So time away from boss negatively affects the DPS even more than some other classes. Plan fights and CDs to harmonize with when you have the time on boss/adds.

    My sims usually have Haste or Mastery in top, but of course that varies when low on other secondaries. I think I currently reside in Mastery >= Vers >= Crit > agi > haste, as I've been running very haste-heavy for a time.
    Trinket-wise it's a lot on the RNG TF game. I like having stat-sticks as in an attempt to reduce even more rng into the class. Remember to sim your trinket selection as well, there are a lot to choose from!

    Other than that, I do not have many suggestions. Good luck heading into Antorus!


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